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Cat_Killer is your average player, not rich, not poor, her achievement of note being that the seems to be loved for ther scottish accent. She was on Radio KoL during the fundraiser for hurricaine katrina, singing 500 miles, and ever since has been a seemingly well known player (but only in radio chat) Proud member of Teh Club since early October 2005, after being in a whole run of average clans, she was looking for something exceptional, and she found it.

She is an obsessive collector of just about everything, which means she is never hungry or thirsty.

Every so often she starts a new ascension strategy, but occasionally loses focus (a bit like this page) and tries something different.

Although she sways towards muscle classes for ascension, in actuality she is a disco bandit at heart, and will always be. She now has the skillz to make any food, cocktail, armour, or weapon, and the next set of ascensions are going to be trophy runs, getting as many as possible.