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  • Turtletamer.gifNatter91 (#682303) Asc4.gif Hasc1.gif Wreathtat.gif Class5hc.gif

_______________________________________________________Trophies____________________________________________________________________________ Heavy lourde.gif A dog a plan.gif Van went.gif Ghuolishly good.gif Crushed under pets.gif Big head todd.gif Hood ornament.gif Gored to the core.gif Go go gadget trophy.gif Get oot eh.gif Gonna need a smaller boat.gif You done took my toast.gif Better than bad its good.gif No well ten beers.gif Party on the big boat.gif You damned dirty human.gif He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif With friends like these.gif Shakin the bush here boss.gif Also ate zarathustra.gif


  • Familiar41.gif Perseus Jackson, the Attention-Deficit Demon
  • Familiar1.gif Dan, the Mosquito
  • Familiar2.gif Brian O'Brien, the Leprechaun
  • Familiar3.gif Stew-art, the Levitating Potato
  • Familiar4.gif Ducky, the Angry Goat
  • Familiar5.gif Tot, the Sabre-Toothed Lime
  • Familiar6.gif Fate and Chance rolled into One, the Fuzzy Dice
  • Familiar7.gif Bo Jangles, the Spooky Pirate Skeleton
  • Familiar8.gif Tobert, the Barrrnacle
  • Familiar9.gif Sadie, the Howling Balloon Monkey
  • Familiar10.gif Batbat, the Stab Bat
  • Familiar11.gif Ruby, the Grue
  • Familiar12.gif Spalding, the Blood-Faced Volleyball
  • Familiar14.gif Megan, the Ghuol Whelp
  • Familiar15.gif Sloogepp, the Baby Gravy Fairy
  • Familiar16.gif Pigwidgeon, the Cocoabo
  • Familiar17.gif Points and Lines, the Star Starfish
  • Hat2.gif UFO Sam, the Hovering Sombrero
  • Familiar19.gif Gronald, the Ghost Pickle on a Stick
  • Familiar20.gif Gron, the Killer Bee
  • Familiar21.gif Dudley Do-right, the Whirling Maple Leaf
  • Familiar32.gif 6655321, the Clockwork Grapefruit
  • Familiar33.gif The Master Chief, the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech
  • Familiar35.gif Trort, the Frozen Gravy Fairy
  • Sgfairy.gif Grog, the Spooky Gravy Fairy
  • Familiar46.gif Giwdeh, the Snowy Owl
  • Familiar47.gif Tod, the Teddy Bear
  • Npzr.gif Mr. Bourne, the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot
  • Slgfairy.gif Gog, the Sleazy Gravy Fairy
  • Badger.gif Midnight, the Astral Badger