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Accordion Thief
Yuletide Dougtember 4
Festival of Jarlsberg Jarlsuary 1
Gender Bender

Semi-Rare Adventures Status

last: Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler in The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky

next: (175) cyclops eyedrops in The Limerick Dungeon (+100% item drops)





  • 33398 scrolls
  • low value oyster eggs

items for buffs

  • reduce combat adventures
    • rock salt from cave frat boys
  • meat and familiar buffs
    • quill pens
    • inkwells
    • tattered scraps of paper
    • buy pet-buffing spray
    • buy nasal spray


free food

  • golden arches

daily quests

  • clean up ducks
  • bounty


  • learn demons
  • farm meat for basement


  • drawing for moxie

kill adventures for loot

  • sewer for worthless stuff
  • barrels for clover (and booze)

stock up

  • booze
    • barrels
    • around the worlds
  • fruit
    • in menagerie I
    • lemon party slot
    • hippie store
  • chow
    • knob kitchen
    • bugbear bakery
    • hippie store


  • gallery for Moxie (up, down, sideways)
  • bedroom for stats (or mirrors)
  • bathroom for pollen


To do

this ascension

in general


Miscellaneous HP MP other
bottle of Monsieur Bubble +(45-65)
bottle of Vangoghbitussin +100 +100 The 'Tussin(5)
Cherry Cloaca Cola +(7-9)
Cloaca-Cola +(10-14)
Diet Cloaca Cola +(7-9)
Doc Galaktik's Ailment Ointment +(8-10)
Doc Galaktik's Homeopathic Elixir +(18-20)
Dyspepsi-Cola +(10-14)
Knob Goblin seltzer +(8-12) (half in combat)
Knob Goblin superseltzer +(25-29)
Medicinal Herb's medicinal herbs +all
Magical mystery juice +(1.5 * level) + (4-6)
phonics down +(46-50) +(46-50) +5(stat) (3-5)
Regular Cloaca Cola +(7-9)
scroll of drastic healing +all
soda water +(3-5)
soft green echo eyedrop antidote cures (almost) anything
tiny house +(20-24) +(20-24) cures Beaten Up/Confused/Hardly Poisoned at All/Sunburned/Wussiness

Naughty Sorceress

  • damage mitigating stuff
  • 40 Elixirs
  • 20+ combat thingies
  • 6 6-delevers
  • 6 5-delevers
  • +melee stuff
  • Wand of Nagamar
  • mosquito or potato
  • heal up
  • eat up (for indigestion)

DoD potions

bubbly Confused
cloudy 14-16 HP/14-16 MP
dark Sleepy
effervescent Strength of Ten Ettins(+25% Muscle)(10)
fizzy 1-3 Drunkenness
milky Teleportitis
murky Object Detection
smoky Izchak's Blessing(+25% Moxie)(10)
swirly Strange Mental Acuity(+25% Mysticality)(10)

Louvre It or Leave It

painting up down sideways
hellmaze Venus Scream abstract
rockstar abstract Venus Scream
monks Venus Scream abstract
lizard abstract Venus Scream
Venus monks Last Supper Time
abstract Socrates Adam lizard
Socrates rockstar Moxie Manetwich
Last Supper bottle of Vangoghbitussin Mysticality rockstar
Scream monks Diner Sailboat Races
Time Mysticality bottle of Pinot Renoir rockstar
Diner monks Manetwich Muscle
Adam rockstar Moxie bottle of Pinot Renoir
Sailboat Races monks Muscle bottle of Vangoghbitussin


Sonofa Beach Waitbeelfoo +5-16 HP/MP per adventure
The Spooky Forest Gargogzel +100% meat drops

Ninja pirate zombie robot

Why do I want one? I'm not sure.

item need got
springs 67