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Boba Feta (44848)

Though I've been playing KoL since the middle of '04, it was about two years later before I created a Wiki user, with the intent of helping find all the stuff at the observatory. After that, I started adding things like monster hit/miss messages and weapon specific hit messages. I don't know a lot about wiki programming, but I'm pretty darned good at copying other people's work that's similar to what I want.  ;-)

Oh, and I ventured into chat for the first time on (Talk Like A Pirate Day) '06 in hopes of getting something cool.

I'm the creator of the >Halibut clan. It used to be called ><>Halibut, but the <> got lost at some point and either Jick didn't want to fix it or it wasn't fixable. (Either way, I never got a response to my bug report.) We don't fight other clans, it's just for convenience of a bunch of friends who don't think twice about sending (possibly expensive) stuff to each other to help each other out.