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Hey, I'm bigbenwd, been playing KoL for just over a year,hangin' out, ascending HCO, the usual.

BigBenWD has been playing for over a year, currently regulars /PvP, /radio and /vill. He was the 23rd person to ascend when asenscion rolled out. he has been a member in many clans, starting with mafiascum, going to KoLaddicts, warclan, and then to the Training Camp of Aflubadubdub! where he would graduate and stayed in Aflubadubdub! for a few months, he then left Aflubadubdub! and was in Alaska for a month, upon his return, he went to the Jicken Wings clan party, and then was clanless for a month or 2. He then returned to aflub, left again and is now the leader of his own clan the good ol days. He has smashed 3 mr. Es (1 for crovax, 2 for the plural project) He left The good 'ol days when Aflubadubdub! finally died, and took it over with his co-leader imthebigchief. they are currently restoring the clan to its former glory.