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Yarr, mateys!

I am a full supporter of the Pirates. Ironically, I didn't get myself a hook. I was too busy talking like a pirate in real life!

I joined in late April 2004, as a poor, Runescape infested noob. After quickly getting the hang of some things with the help of spoiler sites, I was well on my way to becoming a mediocre player.

When suddenly!

It was May 5th, right before my birthday. Cinco de Mayo. For those who weren't around to remember, KolMohDee was holding the contest of the century (hah, yeah right). He had been saving up for this for this for the better part of the year, slamming himself at the Barrel full of Barrels, slaying many a mimic, surviving a myriad of explosions, and eventually enlisting aid from other players to gather as much tequila-based booze as possible. In the end, I won!

More to come.

The Plan:

  • Turtle Tamer, for Empathy
  • Sauceror, for whatever
  • Pastamancer, for whatever
  • Sauceror, for Elemental Saucesphere
Proud member of The Punishers