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I'm Bale (#754005), also known on various forums as Bale the 4CR and Bale4CR. My ascension records are here: Bale at KoLdb. I am a member of the clan Hardcore Nation.

Proud member of Hardcore Nation

All of my character data is neatly organized on BumCheekCity's site here.

My Collection


Somehow I'm collecting stuffed Hodgmen. This is my story.

For many years I ignored the whole collecting concept as irrelevant to me. I dove into Hobopolis when it was brand new and the very first time I killed Hodgman he dropped a stuffed version of himself. I thought that was hilarious. The stuffy was weirdly cute and funny and said amusing things when I used it, so I just adored it. I left it in my inventory and thought nothing more about it, although I did often pull his string to make him speak.

Then two days later I fought Hodgman, the Hoboverlord for a second time and he dropped a another stuffed Hodgman! Wow. A bit later I scored a stuffed Hodgman as part of my share in a whackin' stick run and I finally decided to accept it as a sign. Since then I've devoted myself to collecting these adorably wacky little guys.

I don't know why, but they're just so quirky and funny that I cannot resist them. I am always happy to purchase them so send me an offer if you're selling. I'm very proud of my collection of Hodgies and am always glad to increase it, though I often wince when I think of how much meat I've spent on them. Every now and then kind people have gifted me with Hodgies for which they have earned my gratitude and a mention here.

Rollcall of Hodgman Donators:
Hoopity, Kain, NatNit, Palpitations, RavenStealsTheLight, dj_d, InSinYou8, Mundania, tiny plastic chellin, Darth Vidar, Clone547, Heffed, Banana Lord, zacius, KarEN_15, rrzhang001, MojaveGamer, chellin, Nitocris, trotskie, Tiny Plastic Cat in the Hat, Icon315, Blanky, moooo566, Billad, Randombot, dterphraud, charred, dagwoodmcd, GodsInjustice, sarah_white, mirella, Pegathy, Ayla_620, Thagor, Zanmatoer, Tookie Dawson, PazSox, Ranrar, Olyve Oyle, Jwylot, the_postman, Red Maw, Duan, seal smasher, Daelm, Cyzu, Gdunge, martialis, SmittyBoy, BoffoBoy, Humansuperball, Mekkon, paxson, Yohman, Mekkon, Smeagol69, EvilSpud, mansho, Grot_comp, scullyangel, Gustuf, AtomicPopcorn, LastMinuteName, Sakkaku Kaikou, Maxneverdie, Muczachan, hAM SalAD SAnDwich, weka, k3wLb0t, Nescent, Boccolotti, JAHruleU, Flame6, Donavin69, Zombiepops, NightWind_292, Robi207, smorgas, Mr Purple, Lord Mellman, Mellissaleo, darkcodelagsniper, i_eat_food, spLashfArt, Savior, Doucy, MTPockets, redhold, Fronobulax, Pawn69, Archipelago71, A Strange Stranger, Goobris, ozzy_ferry, Darzil, TawnyBrawn, Sir Eebral, ginsu, Dorcks, CoconutHalf, Transplanted_Entwife, damuri, mstieler, TheFrostWyrm, DoLuce, Groodo, Riley037, MogamboRanger, Happydance, Aramada, Sheena Concertina, Anchon, percystrawberry, deusnoctum, ProviderofFood, StaticMan, Taker of Things, Icy Elemental, TechRat, adeyke, SarcasMage, NovaKnight21, tivolimom, DeadlyAngel2011, AQT, Stonecat, KingBobson, hallehoopma, Landamus, andrough, STOCKS MALL MULTI, atomfarin, eusst, Asterdw, Banditman5, hush, Dionaea, norsegodofmischief

My KoLmafia scripts

I've made a few scripts that are useful to the KoLmafia community:

  • Universal recovery: An improvement to KoLmafia default restoration logic.
  • clanhop: Quick CLI command to switch clans. Makes whitelist swapping fast and convenient.
  • chamois.ash: Automatic chamois usage for the Slime Tube.
  • OCD Inventory Control: Inventory management made simple to save me time at the end of each ascension.
  • newLife: Sorts out all of KoLmafia's choice adventure settings for my new character class and takes care of simple tasks I do every ascension.
  • AdventureAdvisor: Safe adventuring advice PLUS.
  • CounterChecker: Handle automatic counter adventuring, primarily semirares, dance cards and wormwood.
  • Rainbow Gravitation: Rainbow Gravitation made easy in hardcore: transmutes elemental wads automatically.
  • campground: Improved Telescope information in the relay browser for easy use.


Here are some tables and diagrams of information that I cannot seem to remember. I decided to collect them for ease of usage.

Lilac's Quest Data

Location Fighting in Frat Warrior Fatigues Fighting in War Hippy Fatigues
The Lighthouse always open 64 kills (image 7)
The Junkyard always open 192 kills (image 14)
Mysterious Island Arena always open 458 kills (image 21)
The Organic Orchard 64 kills (image 7) always open
Our Lady of Perpetual Indecision 192 kills (image 14) always open
McMillicancuddy's Farm 458 kills (image 21) always open

Dressing Up

Mus · Mys · Mox · HP · MP · WDmg · SDmg · Init
DA · DR · Res · FightStats · ML · Items · Meat · HP Regen · MP Regen
Adv · PvP · Fam Wt · Crit · Diving


Mus · Mys · Mox · HP · MP · WDmg · SDmg · Init
DA · DR · Res · FightStats · XPBoost · ML · Items · Meat · HP Regen · MP Regen
Adv · PvP · Fam Wt · Crit · Diving

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