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Who is this mysterious man, often seen on the arm of the incomparable Vida Londres? Once, he was the 9th most powerful adventurer in the Kingdom, once the 7th most moxious. And now? That's hard to say. It is rumored that he has ties among ninjas as well as pirates, and can call upon the legions of zombies and robots when he must. It is also whispered that, hiding within the depths of his cavernous display in the The Cannon Museum is a secret older than the Kingdom and darker than the Sorceress herself.

A few things are certain. Balam (#31632) is the founder and leader of a shadowy organization called The Ninjapiratezombierobot clan. Once, he played the power-game of stats and record boards, but no longer. Along with Nytmare, TedPro amd Vida Londres, he has run major KoL-themed LARPs at Kol Con Carne (January 2005) and KolCon2 (September 2005). It has also been said that Balam has the most amazing non-female ass in the Kingdom.

In 2006, Balam commissioned Otto Germain to draw a portrait of his character. It shows him wearing his signiture KoL outfit: a gasmask, demonskin trousers, a Mr. Accessory, a Mr. Exploiter, a glowing red eye, and wielding a crazy bastard sword. He is accompanied by his faithful volleyball, Martini, and (since 'Balam' means Jaguar, in Mayan) is wandering through the ruins of a Mayan city.

The image used to be located here, but the site is now dead. The image may now be found here.