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This page documents Mr. Store items and similar items that are now Standard-restricted, no longer usable in Standard and the current special challenge path, if any. Years are for organizational purposes, everything on this page is "equally" restricted.


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Hopefulcandle.gif
hopeful candle
Hatches into
Optimistic Candle
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and stat gains like a Volleyball after combat.

After 5 combats in an Ascension, and every 30 combats after that, drops a glob of melted wax after combat. When used as a combat item, it stuns and deals Hot damage while the monster is stunned. It can also be used to produce another item.

January Planula.gif
space planula
Hatches into
Space Jellyfish
  • Delevels foes before combat and sometimes ensures Initiative
  • Produces jelly, stat-giving spleen items with various benefits including a banish, pseudo-YR, and forcing non-combats
  • Has additional functions in underwater and cosmic locations
An aquatic familiar that delevels monsters like a Barrrnacle at the start of every combat, and sometimes guarantees Initiative at the start of combat, effectively ensuring the jump at 20 pounds or greater.

Provides the combat skill Extract Jelly (0 MP), usable once per combat to sometimes produces a jelly when used against elemental monsters. The first extraction per day on a valid monster always succeeds, with the rate of success decreasing for each jelly collected that day. Jellies are size-1 spleen items that give some substats and 50 turns of an effect, which gives +5 elemental damage, an attribute boost, and increased stat gains after fights or Item Drops. Jellies also cook with toast to produce a size-1 good food that gives 25 turns of the respective effect. Each jelly or toast with jelly consumed also gives one use of an activatable "benefit" for that day, depending on the element.

In underwater combats only, increases stat gains like a Volleyball and Item Drops like a Fairy. It also adds extra interactions to undersea and space-related areas, such as a choice to fight a specific monster in The Hole in the Sky, and sea jelly, a size-1 spleen item that gives 10 turns of Fishy, harvestable once per day in The Sea.

February Heartcrate.gif
heart-shaped crate
  • Daily excursion through The Tunnel of L.O.V.E.
  • Three scaling free fights and full HP and MP restoration
  • A variety of stat-gains-improving equipment, effects, and souvenirs
  • True LOV?
Permanently allows access to and allows one visit per day through The Tunnel of L.O.V.E., in the Wrong Side of the Tracks.

A trip through the Tunnel consists of a total of three scaling free fights alternated with three choices.

The first two choices will also fully restore HP and MP. Each encounter in the Tunnel is immediately succeeded by the next in the sequence, and the entire trip does not take any Adventures, even if losing or running from a free fight.

Using a LOV Entrance Pass allows for a one-time trip through the Tunnel, for players without permanent access.

March Robotenderlarva.gif
unpowered Robortender
Hatches into
  • Leprechaun, sometimes gives PvP Fights and cocktail ingredients
  • Drinks made from these ingredients give phylum-based effects
  • Can consume its own drinks to gain new abilities for the day
A familiar that increases Meat Drops like a Leprechaun, and sometimes gives a PvP Fight or cocktail ingredient after combat. The first combat per day with this familiar always drops a cocktail ingredient.

The kind of cocktail ingredient dropped is determined by Monster Types. Dudes, Beasts, Undead, and Constructs drop basic booze and mixers more frequently, while other Monster Types will drop unique garnishes in addition to basic ingredients. The unique garnishes mix with a basic booze to produce a size-1 "lesser" booze that gives 40 turns of an effect based on the garnish. Adding a mixer to this drink produces a size-1 "greater" booze, improving the quality and effect. Most lesser drinks are good quality and upgrade to awesome quality, with some lesser drinks being awesome quality, upgrading to EPIC equality.

Robortender drinks can also be given to the familiar to grant it additional abilities for that day, with a unique ability for each garnish. A greater drink's ability is stronger than and will override that of the corresponding lesser drink. There is a daily limit of 5 abilities gained through drinks.

Some possibly useful garnishes and their drink effects and familiar abilities:

  • pickled grasshopper (Bugs): +50%/+100% Initiative, familiar gives +3/+5 Muscle stats after combat
  • cocktail mushroom (Goblins): +25%/+50% Item Drops, familiar gives +3/+5 Moxie stats after combat
  • pile of dirt (Plants): +50%/+100% Meat Drops, familiar gives +3/+5 Mysticality stats after combat
  • bottle of anís (Constellations): +50%/+100% MP, familiar increases Item Drops like a Fairy with 0.5×/1× weight
  • fish head (Penguins): +20/+40 Cold Damage and Cold Spell Damage, familiar's Leprechaun effect gains a 1.5×/2× weight multiplier
  • baby oil shooter (Orcs): +20/+40 Sleaze Damage and Sleaze Spell Damage, familiar restores HP after combat
  • imaginary lemon (Weird): +20/+40 Monster Level, familiar delevels like a Barrrnacle before some/all combats

This familiar's specific familiar equipment, toggle switch (Bartend), increases the frequency of cocktail ingredient drops. It can be toggled to (Bounce), to instead increase the frequency of extra PvP Fights. Both items also grant +5 Familiar Weight.

Path Exclusive: In Gelatinous Noob, when absorbed, some of the garnishes from this familiar grant non-combat skills that give effects that increase or decrease Combat Frequency by 5% each. These skills are not remembered from past runs to start with in new Gelatinous Noob runs.

-5% Combat Frequency skills: +5% Combat Frequency skills:
April Sgbadge.gif
Spacegate access badge
Allows permanent access to the Secret Underground Spacegate Facility, in The Big Mountains.

Once per day, allows 20 Adventures of exploration in a procedurally-generated planet, from a 7-letter seed. Each planet will vary in danger, inhabitants, and potential discoveries. Depending on the environmental hazards in a planet, certain safety equipment must be worn, also rentable for free by the Facility.

Possibly useful planet coordinates (one notable encounter, most other encounters are skippable):

Items from exploration can be turned in for pages of Spacegate Research, used to fabricate various items and permanently unlock vaccinations. One vaccination can be received per day, and each one gives 30 turns of an effect:

Using a portable Spacegate also allows 20 Adventures of exploration through the Spacegate, but in a random planet and only until Rollover, for players without permanent access. The rest of the Facillity will also be unavailable.

May Newyouform.gif
New-You Club Membership Form
(Correspondence item)
  • Produces a Daily Affirmation and focus project each day
  • Affirmations are long-lasting potions and also function as combat items
  • One cookie per Ascension, with potential for more
  • Positive thinking and positive titles
Sets up a correspondence with the New-You Club to deliver one of the following Daily Affirmations every day. Affirmations are potions that give 100 turns of an effect, and are also combat items. When not in Aftercore, the Affirmation given is pre-determined based on class, path, and day, otherwise it will be random.

In addition to the Daily Affirmation, the New-You Club also sends a suggested self-improvement exercise, involving casting a combat skill against a certain monster for a number of combats. The combat skill will be chosen randomly from the player's available skills, and the monster from a currently accessible zone. Completing this side project will award one permanent VIP membership point and an Affirmation Cookie upon receiving the next daily correspondence.

Cookies are size-1 foods that give 1 Adventure, and an additional 2 Adventures and 30 of each substat for each cookie eaten in the current Ascension, capped at 4. Only one cookie can be consumed per day.

With 7 or greater VIP membership points, the New-You Club includes one Affirmation Cookie with the Daily Affirmation at the start of new Ascensions.

With 21 or greater VIP membership points, the New-You Club grants the Incredible Self-Esteem non-combat skill (10 MP), usable once per day. When cast, this skill gives 50 turns of a random Affirmation effect, or extends the duration of active Affirmation effects by 50 turns, divided by the number of active Affirmations and rounded down.

Every 30 VIP membership points grants a randomized, positive custom title.

June Kgbpackage.gif
suspicious package
Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase
An accessory with the following enchantments:
  • +10 to all attributes
  • +25 maximum HP/MP
  • +25% Weapon Damage
  • +25% Initiative
  • +5-10 HP/MP regeneration

When equipped, grants the KGB tranquilizer dart combat skill (0 MP), a free runaway and 20-turn banish, usable three times per day.

Each day, provides 11 "clicks", with one or more clicks used per manipulation of the briefcase.

Activating an actuator uses one click and gives a random 10-turn KGB effect, or adds additional functions to the briefcase. Briefcase modifications are kept through Rollover, but reset upon Ascension.

Some possibly useful KGB effects:

Additional briefcase functions:

  • Drawers (left and right): Each produces 3 exploding cigars per day, which are instakilling combat items.
  • Dispenser: Produces 3 basic/improved/splendid martinis per day, size-1 good/awesome/EPIC boozes that give 10/20/40 turns of a random KGB effect. Martini quality is determined by the state of the tabs.
  • Crank: Allows for an additional 11 clicks per day.
  • Tabs: Activating a tab uses three clicks and gives 50 turns of a KGB effect.
  • Buttons: Pressing a button uses one click, and either modifies a briefcase enchantment, or adjusts the tabs.
The briefcase starts with the first enchantment in each set. Pressing a button cycles one enchantment with the next or previous one in its list.
  • +25% Weapon Damage
  • +50% Spell Damage
  • +5 Prismatic Damage
  • +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • +25% Initiative
  • +100 Damage Absorption
  • +5 Hot Resistance
  • +5 Cold Resistance
  • +5 Spooky Resistance
  • +5 Stench Resistance
  • +5 Sleaze Resistance
  • +5-10 HP/MP regeneration
  • +5 Adventures at Rollover
  • +5 PvP Fights at Rollover
  • -5% Combat Frequency
  • +5% Combat Frequency
  • +25 Monster Level
  • -3 MP cost for skills

Solving the series of puzzles in the briefcase permanently unlocks it, allowing it to be opened once per day, producing the following items:

  • golden gun: Usable on players to color their avatar gold until Rollover.
  • 3 sticks of golden gum: Usable on players to make their next three chat messages bolded and gold-colored.
  • tiny plastic golden gundam: An accessory that gives +1 Adventure and PvP Fight at Rollover, and +1 to all attributes.

The briefcase is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Path Exclusive: In License to Adventure, the right drawer instead produces a can of Minions-Be-Gone once per day, which removes some minions from the Super Villain's Lair.

July L11voucher.gif
LI-11 Motor Pool voucher
Asdon Martin keyfob
(Workshed item)
Parks an Asdon Martin in Your Workshed, which can convert food and booze into fuel, yielding about 1 liter per Adventure the item would have given. Only PvP-stealable items that give Adventures and are not sold in NPC stores are eligible for fuel conversion.

Converting loaf of soda breads (soda water + wad of dough) yields about 6 litres for 120 Meat spent (or less), or 20 Meat per fuel.

Spending 37 litres of fuel gives 30 turns of one of the following effects:

Only one of these effects can be active at a time, and can be removed for free at the Workshed.

While in the Workshed, the Asdon Martin grants combat skills, which also cost fuel:

August Meteorbook.gif
Pocket Meteor Guide
Grants skill:
Meteor Lore
Grants the combat skills Micrometeorite, Macrometeorite, and Meteor Shower. Each meteor skill costs 0 MP and may be used once per fight.

Passively causes occasional meteor appearances after combat, which can give 4-6 of a random substat, or +15% Item Drops or +30% Meat Drops for that combat. The meteors can also produce an item, three times per day. For a given combination of class, path, and days played in the run, the items that drop that day will be consistent.

This skill also comes with a free book.

Path Exclusive: In Live. Ascend. Repeat., Macrometeorite uses the monster IDs of monsters in the zone to determine the new monster instead of the Adventure Queue, making the skill's results more predictable.

September Gbottle cork.gif
corked genie bottle
Gbottle open.gif
genie bottle
Grants three wishes per day, depending on what is asked.
  • I wish I was rich: Gives 500 Meat per Level, capped at 50,000 Meat at Level 100+.
  • I wish I was a little bit taller: Gives up to 300 Muscle substats.
  • I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat: Gives up to 300 Mysticality substats.
  • I wish I was a baller: Gives up to 300 Moxie substats.
  • I wish I was big: Gives up to 123 of each substat.
  • I wish I was (effect name): Gives 20 turns of the named effect, if allowed. Some effects cannot be wished for.
  • I wish I had a pony: Gives a random magical pony, a powerful Gift Item.
  • I wish to fight (monster name): Enters combat with the named monster, if allowed. Works for most copiable monsters and old tower monsters. Limited to 3 fight wishes per day.
  • I wish for more wishes: Gives a pocket wish, a tradeable item that allows for one wish, using the same syntax here.
  • I wish you were free: Enters combat with the Genie, a scaling monster that drops a dropped scrap of paper, which autosells for 1001 Meat.
  • I wish blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail: Gives blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail, a 150-power shirt that gives +2 to all attributes, +2 Resistance to All Elements, and +2-22 HP/MP Regeneration, and is an excellent addition to any ascension kit.

The bottle is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension per the previous incarnation's wishes.

October Xobox.gif
Hatches into
XO Skeleton
  • Fairy and Ghoul Whelp combo
  • Item stealing and deleveling
  • Sometimes drops Xes and Os after combat, exchangeable for various items
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and sometimes restores HP and MP like a Ghoul Whelp after combat.

Provides the combat skill Hugs and Kisses! (0 MP), which delevels by 10, and steals an item the first time it is used per combat, if possible. This skill becomes unusable for the day after stealing 11 items that day.

Drops an X after the first combat in an Ascension and every 9 combats after that, and drops an O after the sixth combat and every 9 combats after that. Xes and Os are currency for the XO Shop, which sells for the following items:

November Pantogramgram.gif
portable pantogram
  • One pants summoning per day
  • Attribute boost and elemental resistance
  • A wide variety of other enchantments, at a cost
Allows pants summoning once per day, which produces pantogram pants, 100-power pants that have varying enchantments, and disappear after Rollover. The enchantments are determined by choosing an attribute, element, and three different sacifices. Some possibly useful sacrifice options are listed. There are other sacrifice options, but these have less utility in-run and/or require items that are less readily available in-run.
  • +10 to the chosen attribute
  • +2 Resistance to the chosen element
  • Sacrifice #1: Gives HP/MP-related bonuses
    • Drops of blood (no cost): +40 maximum HP
    • Nail clippings (no cost): +20 maximum MP
    • bubblin' crude: +5-15 MP regeneration
    • baconstone: -3 MP cost for skills
  • Sacrifice #2: Gives mostly Item Drop/Meat Drop/stat gain bonuses
  • Sacrifice #3: Gives miscellaneous bonuses

The pantogram is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

December Mumtrunk closed.gif
locked mumming trunk
mumming trunk
  • An assortment of extra familiar abilities
  • Performances after combat
Contains costumes that add additional post-combat abilities to the currently active familiar, lasting until Rollover. A familiar can only have one costume worn at a time, and each costume can be applied once per day. Familiar costumes are independent of familiar equipment. A costume may give extra abilities, depending on the type of familiar wearing it.
  • The Captain: +15% Meat Drops
    • Familiars with hands give +30% Meat Drops
    • Undead familiars delevel the monster by 25% at the start of combat
  • Beelzebub: Restores 4-5 MP after combat
    • Winged familiars restore 8-10 MP after combat
    • Hot-themed familiars deal Hot damage on a weapon hit
  • Saint Patrick: +3 Muscle Stats per fight
    • Beastly familiars give +4 Muscle Stats per fight
    • Toothed familiars stagger at the start of combat
  • Prince George: +15% Item Drops
    • Clothed familiars give +25% Item Drops
    • "Quick" familiars deal physical damage with bleeding on a weapon hit
  • Oliver Cromwell: +3 Mysticality Stats per fight
    • Familiars with eyes give +4 Mysticality Stats per fight
    • "High altitude" familiars guarantee Initiative at the start of combat
  • The Doctor: Restores 8-10 HP after combat
    • Robotic familiars increase this to 18-20 HP
    • "Evil" familiars deal physical damage and delevel by 10% on a weapon hit
  • Miss Funny: +2 Moxie Stats per fight
    • Sleazy familiars give +4 Moxie Stats per fight
    • Insectoid familiars deal Sleaze damage on a weapon hit

The trunk is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Baskinrobin.gif
basking robin
Hatches into
Rockin' Robin
  • Fairy and Volleyball combo
  • Sometimes drops a robin's egg, which has many uses
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and Stat Gains like a Volleyball.

After 5 combats in an Ascension, and every 30 combats after that, drops a robin's egg, which has many uses. As a potion, the robin's egg gives 10 turns of +3 Resistance to All Elements and +10 Damage Reduction. As a combat item, it delevels by 50% and staggers. The egg is also an ingredient for size-2 awesome quality food or booze.

The Robin sometimes produces additional minigame-specific items while playing Batfellow.

Item of the Year Batfellowbook.gif
Batfellow comic
  • Plays a dark and brooding minigame
  • Consumable rewards
  • Opportunity to gain a replica bat-oomerang, which provides three free kills per day
A usable item that launches a Batfellow minigame, which does not cost any Adventures, and consumes the comic if any villain is defeated. The minigame yields a consumable depending on which villain was defeated first, and has a daily leaderboard which can give further rewards, depending on performance.

One leaderboard reward is the replica bat-oomerang, a reusable combat item that instantly kills the monster and makes the fight a free fight, usable three times per day.

While the comic is a free pull from Hagnk's, any rewards obtained are sent to Hagnk's.

Completing 20 of these comics causes weekly delivery of a special edition Batfellow comic, which functions identically, but is not tradeable.

(December 2015 through March 2016)
Gratitude chocolate (octopus-filled)
Hatches into
  • Fairy and Ghoul Whelp combo
A familiar that, after combat, increases Item Drops like a Fairy and has a chance to restore HP and MP like a Ghoul Whelp.
January Crate.gif
X-32-F snowman crate
  • 10 free fights per day against a growing snowman
  • 1-2 useful consumables per day
  • Training gear (+25% to one attribute, another useful enchantment, and a drawback)
  • Masterful martial arts advice
Allows permanent access to The Snojo, in The Big Mountains. The Snojo houses a single monster, the X-32-F Combat Training Snowman. The first 10 victories against the Snowman per day are free fights, and the Snowman gains body segments with each victory that give it increased stats and special abilities.

The Snowman has 3 modes for the three attributes, which determine what consumable the Snowman drops every 7th free fight in that mode, and also what training equipment and skillbook drops on the 11th and 50th free fight respectively. Modes can be changed at any time, so it is possible to get 4 varied consumables and 2 pieces of gear in a 3-day run, and more in longer runs.

Muscle Mode:

Mysticality Mode:

  • ice rice: A size-1 EPIC food.
  • training legwarmers: An accessory that gives +25% Mysticality, +5 Resistance to All Elements, and -50% Spell Damage.

Moxie Mode:

February Document thumb.gif
LT&T telegraph office deed
Allows permanent access to the LT&T Office, which gives your cowboy boots on the first visit in an Ascension. The boots are an accessory that provides +25 maximum HP/MP, and grants Cowboy Kick, a combat skill (0 MP) that does mild Muscle-based damage and staggers, usable once per combat.

The boots can be customized with a Western skin and a set of spurs for additional enchantments, persisting through Ascension. Replacing the skin or spurs on the boots destroys the previous customization.

Skin options: Spurs options:
  • +50% Muscle, Mysticality, or Moxie
  • +20 Monster Level
  • Adds 15% delevel to Cowboy Kick
  • Adds Spooky damage to Cowboy Kick
  • +20% Item Drops
  • +30% Initiative
  • +2 Resistance to All Elements
  • +5 Adventures at Rollover
  • Adds Hot, Stench, or Sleaze damage to Cowboy Kick

Also provides 30-turn quests via plaintive telegrams, which reward buffalo dimes. Choosing the Wagon Train Escort Wanted (hard) quest allows access to mountain lions, which can drop lion musk, a potion that gives 20 turns of +15% Combat Frequency.

Using an inflatable LT&T telegraph office also grants one telegram quest, but will not provide your cowboy boots, for players without permanent access.

Path exclusive: In Avatar of West of Loathing, acquiring your cowboy boots also gives 3 buffalo dimes, which can be spent at the Office Gift Shop.

March Chessset.gif
Witchess Set
(Campground item)
Provides 5 free fights per day against 8 different scaling monsters. Each monster drops either a useful consumable or strong rentable equipment:

Compared to the consumable-dropping monsters, the monsters that drop gear have much more HP, stagger immunity, partial damage resistance, and possibly other immunities, requiring more effort to defeat.

In addition to the free fights, provides 5 daily puzzles. Solving all 5 grants 25 turns of a familiar weight buff, with a minimum of +5 Familiar Weight, and increases by +1 per 5 puzzles solved to a maximum of +20. When all puzzles are solved, viewing the puzzles immediately provides the effect, without having to solve them. Also allows for playing as White in Witchess, a Chess variant.

April Crate.gif
Clan Floundry
(VIP Lounge)
  • Rentable gear (1/day)
  • +50%/+100% to one attribute
  • +/- 10% Combat Frequency
  • Various other enchantments, and potentially some quest-related items
(More details in the VIP Lounge section on this page)
May Discognat.gif
disconnected intergnat
Hatches into
  • Fairy with random abilities each combat, including attacking, MP restoration, and scientific skills
  • Drops BACON after combat, which can be exchanged for various items, including Yellow Ray and copying combat items
  • Helps with demon summoning
  • Memes and internet points
A familiar that increases Items from Monsters like a Fairy and drops BACON after combat, which is used as currency at the Internet Meme Shop. Also applies a random modifier to monsters in combat, affecting the Intergnat:

The following items are purchased with BACON (1/day for each item):

There are other items that are bought with BACON, but these have little in-run use and/or are very difficult to acquire in-run.

The names uttered by the Intergnat after defeating ELDRITCH HORROR-modified monsters are used as part of a demon name for the Summoning Chamber. This summoning yields:

June Sourceterminal.gif
Source terminal
(Campground item)
The Source Terminal has four programs: enhance, enquiry, educate, and extrude. Installing Source terminal chips permanently improves these programs.

Enhance gives 25 turns of an effect, once per day, chosen from a selection of effects. PRAM and INGRAM chips improve buff duration, while CRAM and SCRAM chips give additional daily Enhances. When fully upgraded, Enhance provides 100 turns of a .enh effect, three times per day.

Enquiry can be toggled for one of the following effects, giving 50 turns of that effect after Rollover. GRAM and DIAGRAM chips improve the effect duration, up to 200 turns.

Educate grants .edu combat skills; only one may be active for use at a time, but the "active" skill may be freely swapped with another skill, just as how inactive Familiars are kept in the Terrarium. These skills have a base cost of 20 MP, and are usable once per combat. SPAM and ASHRAM chips reduce these skills' MP costs to a minimum of 5 MP, and the DRAM chip allows two skills to be "active" simultaneously.

  • Digitize: Staggers and causes wandering copies of that monster to appear, similar to the effects of an Obtuse Angel and Reanimated Reanimator, but with an increasing and predictable number of turns between copies (7, 20, 30, 40...). Usable once per day, with TRAM and TRIGRAM chips each adding an additional use per day, up to a maximum of three Digitizes. This effect lasts until Rollover or casting Digitize again, which resets the interval between copies.
  • Extract: Produces 1-3 bits of Source essence. Rarely also produces a Source terminal chip or file, used to unlock features for the Terminal.
  • Compress: Staggers and deals 25% the monster's HP in damage.
  • Duplicate: "Doubles" a copiable monster, doubling its current HP, attack, defense, attacks per round, and possible item drops. Usable once per day.
  • Portscan: Causes a Government agent (a scaling monster) to be the next encounter. Usable three times per day.
  • Turbo: Staggers, gives 1 turn of +100% maximum MP, and restores up to 1000 MP. After combat, replaces the effect with 30 turns of -50% maximum MP, +15 Hot Damage, +15 Damage to Hot Spells, during which Turbo becomes unusable.

Extrude uses bits of Source essence to craft various items. Up to three items may be extruded per day. Certain .ext files unlock more items for extruding.

  • browser cookie and hacked gibson (10 essence each): Size-4 EPIC food and booze respectively, also gives 40-60 to all substats.
  • Source shades (100 essence): An accessory that gives +10% Item Drops and improves Extract to produce 2-6 essence per use.
  • After installing their corresponding .ext file, chips to improve the above functions may be extruded (100 or 1000 essence each).

Path exclusive: In The Source, certain elements of the Terminal work differently.

  • All .edu skills are usable against Agents
  • Portscan instead causes Source Agents to appear by having the Agent instakill the next valid monster
  • Duplicate "triples" the monster instead of "doubling" it, and can be used up to five times per day
  • Browser cookies and hacked gibsons grant normal stat gains, despite the path's restriction

In Nuclear Autumn, the Terminal is available in Your Fallout Shelter, despite the path restricting other Campground items.

July Letter.gif
detective school application
  • Gives a detective badge, an accessory that gives some +HP/MP, Item Drops, and Meat Drops
  • Access to size-1 awesome +50 ML food/booze and a -5% Combat Frequency potion
  • Hardboiled sleuthing
Allows permanent access to the 11th Precinct Headquarters, in The Wrong Side of the Tracks. Upon visiting the first time in an Ascension, gives a detective badge, an accessory that gives +10-40 maximum HP/MP, +5-20% Item Drops, and +15-30% Meat Drops, depending on the badge's number of upgrades.

The first visit to the Headquarters each day yields 3 cop dollars, and up to three cases can be attempted each day. Cases are puzzles that do not take Adventures, and upon finishing a case, be it a success or a failure, 3 cop dollars are awarded, allowing for up to 12 cop dollars to be collected each day. Succeeding in a case adds additional cop dollars depending on time spent in the case, but if the King has not been freed yet, these will be held in a pension, to be collected at the Headquarters after the King is freed.

Cop dollars are spent at the Precinct Materiel Division, which sells various items. The following items are the most feasible to purchase in-run:

The detective badge can be permanently upgraded 3 times, each upgrade adding +10 maximum HP/MP, +5% Item Drops, and +5% Meat Drops to the badge's enchantments. Each upgrade costs a detective roscoe ($50, untradeable), and an increasing number of cop dollars ($50, $200, $400).

August Crate.gif
DIY protonic accelerator kit
protonic accelerator pack
  • Back item with several handy enchantments
  • Ghost combats busting feels good
  • Occasional special ghost free fights
  • 10 turns of +20% to all attributes, 1/day
A back item with the following enchantments:
  • +25 Damage vs. Ghosts
  • +2-20 MP regeneration
  • +15% Item Drops
  • +10 to all attributes
  • +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • -5% Combat Frequency
  • Allows ghost busting (which feels good)

Against ghosts, provides the Shoot Ghost skill (0 MP), which makes their attacks more dangerous. Using this skill three times replaces it with the Trap Ghost skill (0 MP). Trapping the ghost instantly defeats it, and gives +20 substats for that fight. Defeating ghosts with the pack equipped (trapping or otherwise) yields psychokinetic energy blobs, which restore 20-30 MP each.

The pack occasionally reports paranormal activity in certain locations, with about 50 turns between reports. The next encounter in that location will result in a special ghost fight, which is a free fight. Trapping these ghosts also yields an additional untradeable gear drop.

Once per day, the streams may be crossed with another player wearing a pack, granting 10 turns of +20% to all attributes.

The pack is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension by the ghost of the previous incarnation.

Path exclusive: In Nuclear Autumn, the pack will occasionally produce an additional rad after combat, used to buy path-specific skills.

September Pastselfpackage.gif
Dear Past Self Package
  • Many timely applications
  • Monster and food copying, with restrictions
  • Stat-rich combats
  • One futuristic item fabrication per day
  • A reusable staggering and deleveling combat item
Each day, provides 10 minutes, used to do various time-related things.
  • Travel to a Recent Fight (3 minutes, 1 Adventure): Enters combat against a copy of a monster. The monster must be copiable and in the Combat Queue (in any location) to be a valid target for this.
  • Travel back to a Delicious Meal (3 minutes): Eats a food item that was previously eaten that day. The food item must be PvP-stealable to be a valid target for this.
  • Adventure Way Back in Time (1 minute, 1 Adventure): Enters combat against a monster, which gives no stat gains, drops compounded experience (gives a total of 50 substats per Level, distributed randomly), and has a low chance of dropping time residue.
  • Visit the Far Future (2 minutes): Plays a minigame, in which one item may be fabricated per day. Successfully completing the minigame several times unlocks more items for fabrication.
  • Play a Time Prank (1 minute): Sends a player a prank in the form of a personal free fight that drops time residue. Players can only encounter pranks if out of Ronin or Hardcore, otherwise the prank will be delayed until that is so.

Using time residue results in a combat from Way Back in Time.

The Time-Spinner is usable once per combat, staggering and deleveling by 5%.

The Time-Spinner is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension by the future self.

October Boredtot.gif
li'l orphan tot
Hatches into
Trick-or-Treating Tot
  • Ghoul Whelp, always acts
  • Costumes with many enchantments
  • Increases trick-or-treating candy
A familiar that restores HP and MP like a Ghoul Whelp after every combat.

Has many exclusive familiar equipments, each having strong enchantments and changing the familiar's appearance:

  • Knight: +15 to all attributes
  • Unicorn: +5 Adventures and +5 PvP Fights at Rollover
  • Candy corn: +5 Resistance to All Elements (equivalent to 100-pound Exotic Parrot)
  • Ninja: +150% Item Drops (equivalent to ~85-pound Fairy)
  • Pirate: +300% Meat Drops (equivalent to ~85-pound Leprechaun)
  • Clown: +15 Stats per fight (equivalent to 65-pound Volleyball)
  • Ghost: +100% Initiative (equivalent to 50-pound Oily Woim)

The knight costume is available from the Arena, and the unicorn and candy corn costumes are sold in The General Store for 1000 Meat each. The ninja, pirate, and clown costumes drop from respective monsters, and disappear after Rollover. The ghost costume is available from an invisible series of events. This familiar does not have to be active for costumes to drop.

Having this familiar active when trick-or-treating doubles candy yields and sometimes replaces a house's results with Prunets, a potion that gives 5 turns of increased Familiar Weight, +1 per turn of the effect remaining, up to +25.

Path exclusive: In Nuclear Autumn, stores in Your Fallout Shelter sell more costumes for 1000 Meat each:

  • Eyeball (B2): -10% Combat Frequency
  • Robot (B4): +10 Stats per fight and reduces radiation sickness accumulation
  • Liberty (B7): +100% Item Drops and +200% Meat Drops

The Shelter also sells the candy corn, knight, and unicorn costumes, one in each store.

November Thankscatalog.gif
Granny Tood's Thanksgarden Catalog
packet of thanksgarden seeds
(Garden item)
Creates A Thanksgarden in The Campground, which starts with 1 cornucopia, and grows 2 or more each day if not harvested.

Using a cornucopia produces a total of 7 items, including size-1 decent raw foods and 2-5 cashews. The number of cashews produced is predictable based on class, path, days played in the run, and the number of cornucopias used that day. Raw foods sometimes give 30 turns of The Good Salmonella, which gives +20% to all attributes per level of Fullness. Cashews are exchanged for various items:

1 cashew each:

  • glass casserole dish: 100-power shirt, gives +3 PvP Fights at Rollover, +30 Sleaze Damage, and +10 Damage Reduction.
  • can opener: Weapon, gives +50% Hat/Pants Drops and weakens opponents on hit.
  • potato masher: Weapon, gives +15 Spell Damage and +10% Critical Spell Chance.

2 cashews each:

3 cashews each:

Raw foods cook with cashew store items to make size-2 awesome foods that produce leftovers and grant 20 turns of Thanksgetting. This effect gives a base of +20% Item Drops, +40% Meat Drops, and +1 Familiar Weight, and gives another +20% Item Drops, +40% Meat Drops, +1 Familiar Weight, and +1 Resistance to All Elements for each unique source of Thanksgetting eaten that day. At Rollover, all turns of this effect are replaced with an equal number of turns of Thanksgot, which gives a consistent +80% Meat Drops, +40% Item Drops, +2 Familiar Weight, and +1 Resistance to All Elements.

December Gingercity.gif
Build-a-City Gingerbread kit
Allows permanent access to Gingerbread City in The Big Mountains. All monsters in Gingerbread City are scaling monsters that drop sprinkles, which can be exchanged for various items in non-combats in the City.

The 10th City encounter will be a Noon choice, and the 20th City encounter will be a Midnight choice, neither of which will take an Adventure. Each zone has different options for the Noon and Midnight encounters. The City collapses after the Midnight choice, preventing further adventuring there for the day, until the City resets after Rollover.

The Civic Center Noon non-combat offers permanent upgrades for the City, for 1000 sprinkles each:

Some possibly useful Noon/Midnight choices:

Using a counterfeit city also allows access to Gingerbread City until Rollover, for players without permanent access.

KoL Con 13 snowglobe
(Tradeable, Auto-pulled)
  • Off-hand that gives random substats or items after combats
An off-hand item that causes flashbacks after every combat. Flashbacks grant a few random substats, and less frequently instead drop a random PvP-stealable food, booze, or potion.

With a time-twitching toolbelt equipped, another substat-granting flashback occurs after the first.

The snowglobe is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Crimbo Lumps Shop
Rethinking Candy
Grants skill:
Pep patty.gif
Sweet Synthesis
When used, consumes two candies and fills 1 spleen space to give 30 turns of an effect. The combination of candies used (candy "grade" and item ID) determines the effect.

Some possibly useful effects:


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Goldmonkeystat.gif
golden monkey statuette
Hatches into
Golden Monkey
  • Volleyball and Leprechaun combo
  • Sometimes drops powdered gold, a spleen item
  • Drops gold nuggets against monsters with no meat
A familiar that increases Stat Gains like a Volleyball and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun.

Occasionally drops powdered gold, a size-4 spleen item that gives 5-10 Adventures and some stats. Against monsters that have no meat drops, drops gold nuggets, which autosell for 100 Meat.

Item of the Year Spelprof.gif
Professor of Spelunkology
Hatches into
Adventurous Spelunker
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun, and also attacks and delevels enemies.

Once per day, drops a Tales of Spelunking to go on a Spelunking Adventure for 10 Adventures, which has a daily leaderboard and rewards some Meat depending on performance.

January Cmkey.gif
Chateau Mantegna room key
  • A personal hotel room, where resting restores HP and MP, and gives substats
  • Daily desk rummaging
  • Benefits from the ceiling fixture
  • A fight against the monster that was last painted, once per day
Permanently unlocks a Chateau Mantegna room in The Big Mountains for personal use. The room has a bed, and four parts that can be customized: the painting, the ceiling, the desk, and the nightstand. There is also a Gift Shop, selling items used to customize the room, and all room furnishings persist through Ascension.

Resting in the bed restores 200-300 HP and 100-150 MP and gives up to 100 substats (based on Level), with the type of stat determined by the nightstand option. With free rests available, resting in the bed will not take an Adventure. Otherwise, resting in the bed has a chance of yielding a minty consumable.

February Lovebugjuice.gif
bottle of lovebug pheromones
  • Gives three lovebug skills in combat
  • Various lovebug encounters after combat
  • Some locations have specific encounters that help quest progress
Grants the combat skills Summon Love Mosquito, Summon Love Gnats, and Summon Love Stinkbug. Each lovebug skill costs 0 MP to use and may be used once per fight.
  • Mosquito: Staggers, deals 10% the monster's current HP or at least 10 damage, and heals HP equal to the damage dealt.
  • Gnats: A multi-round stun, with the duration of the stun decreasing the more times it is used that day.
  • Stinkbug: Causes passive physical and Stench damage every round, with the damage per round decreasing the more times it is used that day.

Also causes lovebugs to sometimes appear after combat. Generic lovebug encounters can slightly increase Meat or Item Drops, or give 4-5 of a random substat. There are also location-specific lovebugs and effects, such as elemental powders in The Haunted Kitchen, Evil decreases in The Cyrpt, bridge parts in The Smut Orc Logging Camp, 3 turns of Ultrahydrated in The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert, and local currency drops in most Elemental Charter zones, Hobopolis, and Dreadsylvania.

Path exclusive: In Actually Ed the Undying, Summon Love Mosquito is replaced with Summon Love Scarabs, which functions similarly, but restores 1/3 the damage done in MP instead of healing HP.

March Crate.gif
Ed the Undying exhibit crate
The Crown of Ed the Undying
A 100-power hat that gives +50 maximum HP/MP, and +25% Initiative. The hat can be adjusted for a variety of additional enchantments:
  • Bear/Owl/Puma: +20 Mus/Mys/Mox and +2 stats of the selected attribute per fight
  • Hyena: +20 Monster Level
  • Mouse: +10% Item Drops and +20% Meat Drops
  • Weasel: +10-20 HP regeneration and causes the first enemy attack to always miss
  • Fish: Underwater breathing

The hat also has the cosmetic effects of changing the player's avatar to that of Ed, and adding random mind-reading messages in combat and chat.

Path exclusive: In Actually Ed the Undying, this item is auto-pulled from storage and equipable in Hardcore. Ed can use the "Ed's servants will level up faster" enchantment, causing servants to gain 2 experience instead of 1 after combat, and the "Allows you to read thoughts" enchantment causes Undead enemies to sometimes yield a Ka coin at the start of combat. The Weasel adjustment is able to restore Ed's HP, despite the path's restriction.

April Aircharter.gif
airplane charter: Dinseylandfill
Grants permanent access to Dinseylandfill, which contains 4 Stench-themed zones. The Employee Assignment Kiosk assigns a task once per day, requiring some work in the park in exchange for some FunFunds™, which are spent at The Dinsey Company Store.

There are also the Maintenance tunnels, where various aspects of the adventuring zones here can be controlled, unlocked by adventuring in that zone for a while. Once a day, turning in a bag of park garbage from Barf Mountain here will award 3 FunFunds™. By collecting keycards from around the park, the Cryo-Stasis room becomes accessible.

As with all Elemental International Airport locations, the difference between owning a charter and using a one-day ticket is just that charter owners can access that location in Hardcore, or in Softcore without using a pull on a ticket. In Aftercore, it will take a very long time for a charter to break even with one-day tickets.

May Mayocase.gif
portable Mayo Clinic
(Workshed item, Tradeable)
  • Sells many delicious food additives to get more out of food
  • Sells useful rental medical supplies (including a YR)
  • An opportunity to witness the miracle of life?
Sets up The Mayo Clinic in Your Workshed, which sells wonderful packets of Mayo (1000 Meat each) and a selection of rental Mayo-medical supplies. Using a packet of Mayo gives 1 blood mayonnaise concentration (BMC) and affects the next food eaten, depending on the type of Mayo. Only one Mayo packet can be active at a time.
  • Mayonex: For every adventure that food would have given, instead gives 1 BMC and 1 turn of Force of Mayo Be With You, which gives +2 Resistance to All Elements and +BMC + 10 Sleaze Damage.
  • Mayodiol: After eating that food, decreases Fullness by 1 and increases Drunkenness by 1.
  • Mayostat: If the food was size-2 or greater, gives a size-1 mayolus with quality equal to that of the food eaten. Mayoli are tradeable.
  • Mayozapine: Doubles stat gains and some effect durations granted by the food.
  • Mayoflex: Gives an additional Adventure.

Medical supplies:

  • sphygmayomanometer (2500 Meat): An accessory that gives +BMC + 20% to all attributes.
  • tomayohawk-style reflex hammer (2500 Meat): A reusable combat item that staggers and does Sleaze damage based on BMC.
  • mayo lance (2500 Meat): A reusable combat item that uses BMC to fire a Yellow Ray with a base cooldown of 150 turns. Each use decreases BMC by up to 30, and decreases the cooldown by 5 turns per BMC consumed.
  • miracle whip (10000 Meat, once per Ascension): A two-handed weapon that gives +50 Weapon Damage, +50% Initiative, +50% Item Drops, and +100% Meat Drops.

Only one medical supply can be purchased per day, and all medical supplies (but not packets) disappear after Rollover.

Also allows soaking in the Mayo Tank once per day, removing many negative effects, healing all HP, and giving 20 turns of Force of Mayo Be With You. A special surprise awaits anyone with a high enough blood mayo concentration...

June Yellapuck.gif
yellow puck
Hatches into
Puck Man

yellow puck with a bow on it
Hatches into
Ms. Puck Man
  • Potato and Ghoul Whelp combo
  • Drops yellow pixels after every combat, which are used in making various items, including strong potions, and high-quality food and booze
  • Drops a limited number of power pills occasionally, usable as free kill combat items
A familiar that staggers like a Levitating Potato, restores HP and MP after combat half of the time like a Ghoul Whelp, and drops a yellow pixel after every combat.

Yellow pixels are used in making pixel items:

In addition, occasionally drops a power pill after combat. Power pills are combat items that instakill the monster and make the fight a free fight, and are also usable as potions for the same effect as miniature power pills. There is a daily limit to the number of power pills that can drop, either daycount + 1 or 11, whichever is lower. Up to 20 power pills are usable in combat each day.

Path exclusive: In One Crazy Random Summer, the kill screen familiar equipment that derives from this familiar is auto-pulled from storage, for even more randomness in the run.

July Deckbox.gif
Pack of Every Card
Deck of Every Card
  • 15 random draws from the Deck per day
  • Specific card draws at the cost of 5 random draws (up to 3/day)
  • Cards can do many things
Allows for 15 random draws from the Deck per day. 5 random draws may be consumed to cheat and pick a specific card from the Deck, allowing for up to 3 cheats per day. Any card can only be drawn once per day. The cards' effects are widely varied, producing items, monster fights, effects, stats, or many other outcomes.

Some possibly useful cards:

The Deck is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of a new Ascension.

August Aircharter.gif
airplane charter: That 70s Volcano
Grants permanent access to That 70s Volcano, which contains four Hot-themed zones. Every day, the W.L.F. Bunker offers a Volcoino in exchange for one of three items (or sets of items) that can be found around the Volcano. Volcoinos are spent at The Towering Inferno Discotheque. For those with enough Disco Style, the Discotheque also offers a variety of bonuses, once per day. In every location here, there is a choice non-combat that occurs after 50 combats in the zone that day, which may yield a quest item to be turned in, either directly or after fighting a boss.

As with all Elemental International Airport locations, the difference between owning a charter and using a one-day ticket is just that charter owners can access that location in Hardcore, or in Softcore without using a pull on a ticket. In Aftercore, it will take a very long time for a charter to break even with one-day tickets.

September Crate.gif
shrine to the Barrel god
  • Daily prayer to Him for a blessing (once-per-run rentable gear or a buff)
  • Occasionally receive barrels after combat, containing a variety of items
  • Improves The Barrel full of Barrels, revealing mimics and making the crank more efficient
Once per day, allows prayer at The Dungeoneers' Association to receive His blessing, in the form of a barrel equipment, or 50 turns of a class-specific buff. Barrel equipment disappears after Rollover, and each gear can only be chosen once per Ascension.
  • barrel lid (shield): +50 Monster Level, +25% Muscle, +100 maximum HP, and +9 Damage Reduction
  • barrel hoop earring (accessory): +50% Item Drops, +25% Mysticality, and +5-10 MP regeneration
  • bankruptcy barrel (pants): +50% Initiative, +25% Moxie, and +10-20 HP regeneration

Of the class-specific buffs, noteworthy ones include the Pastamancer's +90% Item Drops, and those of Turtle Tamers and Accordion Thieves, which can add up to 10 extra adventures when eating food or drinking booze respectively.

He occasionally bestows barrels after combat, with contents depending on the location and its difficulty. These barrels may contain burritos of various grades, Disco Bandit drinks, other consumables such as stat giving spleen items and HP/MP restorers, or items unique to these barrels. In addition, He denotes which barrels in The Barrel full of Barrels are mimics, and causes the crank to give 6 barrels instead of 3 per turn. Both of these benefits make it easier to gain ten-leaf clovers from smashing barrels there.

October Crate.gif
haunted doghouse
(Campground item)
Passively adds Hallowiener Dog encounters that occur after a certain number of Adventures have been spent in combats (5, 20, 50, and every 50 after that) in a location. These special encounters do not take Adventures. The generic encounters and their choices are as follows:

Some locations have unique encounters that replace a default Dog encounter there. Some locations with possibly useful encounters:

In Hardcore, The Penultimate Fantasy Airship, The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert, and The Mysterious Island Battlefield are likely to have the 20-combat encounter.

November Aircharter.gif
airplane charter: The Glaciest
Grants permanent access to The Glaciest, which contains three Cold-themed zones. Walford is the local quest-giver, asking adventurers to fill his bucket with various objects found around the Glaciest, and rewarding Wal-Mart gift certificates in return. Gift certificates can be spent at Wal-Mart.

As with all Elemental International Airport locations, the difference between owning a charter and using a one-day ticket is just that charter owners can access that location in Hardcore, or in Softcore without using a pull on a ticket. In Aftercore, it will take a very long time for a charter to break even with one-day tickets.

December Machelfcapsule.gif
machine elf capsule
Hatches into
Machine Elf
A familiar that does one of the following at the beginning of combat:
  • Stunning
  • Deleveling (against relatively stronger monsters)
  • Restoring 20 HP per pound (if not at full HP)
  • Restoring 10 MP per pound (if not at full MP)

Against boss monsters, instead gives 1 turn of +100% to all attributes, Weapon Damage, and Spell Damage.

After combat, gives some meat, substats of a random attribute, a Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobe (1/day), or a random decent quality Abstractions. These abstractions are size 1 spleen items that provide 50 turns of +100% to one attribute, or +25% stat gains of one attribute.

While the Machine Elf is active or under the effect given by the snowglobe, The Deep Machine Tunnels are accessible. This zone consists of scaling monsters, that also drop decent quality abstractions at a low rate. Once per combat against these monsters, using the right +100% attribute abstraction will convert it into a good quality abstraction. Good quality abstractions are also size 1 spleen items, giving 50 turns of +10 Familiar Weight, +100% Item Drops, or +100% Initiative. With the Machine Elf active, the first 5 victories in this zone each day are free fights.

After the first 5 encounters in the zone and after every 50 encounters after that, there is a scheduled choice adventure with the following options:

potted tea tree
(Campground item)
  • Once per day, gives three random cuppsa tea, or one specific tea.
  • Cuppsa tea can do many different things
Once per day, can be shaken for three random cuppsa tea, or have one specific cuppa tea be picked. Cuppsa tea are consumables (mostly potions) which have a wide variety of effects.

Some possibly useful teas:


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Grimbrotherpray.gif
praying Grim Brother
Hatches into
Grim Brother
A familiar that increases stat gains like a Volleyball and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun.

Occasionally drops a grim fairy tale, a size-4 spleen item that gives 5-10 Adventures and some stats. Can also be talked to, once per day, for a choice of 30 turns of +20 Combat Initiative, +20 maximum HP and +10 maximum MP, or +10 Weapon Damage and +20 Spell Damage.

Item of the Year Grimgolem sleep.gif
hibernating Grimstone Golem
Hatches into
Grimstone Golem
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun.

After 40-50 combats of use in a day, drops a grimstone mask, which allows one "play" in a variety of minigames.

January Wintercatalog.gif
Discontent™ Winter Garden Catalog
packet of winter seeds
(Garden item)
Creates A Winter Garden in The Campground, which grows 3 handfuls of snow berries and 3 ice harvests per day. These are size-1 good quality foods that respectively give 30 turns of +10 Cold Damage and +20 Damage to Cold Spells or +20 maximum HP and +3 Hot Resistance.

These items can also be exchanged at Winter Gardening for various items. Some of the items (not exhaustive):

If the garden is not harvested for three days, the next harvest also yields a frost flower, which gives 50 turns of +100% Initiative, +100% Item Drops, +200 Meat Drops, +25 Monster Level, and a 0 MP Cold Damage skill.

February Buddybjorn.gif
Buddy Bjorn
  • A back item that gains an enchantment from the familiar held
  • The held familiar can also act in combat
A back item that can hold a familiar, which gains 1 familiar experience per fight. The Bjorn gains enchantments depending on the familiar held, and also allows the held familiar to perform Bjorn-specific actions in combat.

Some familiars with useful Bjorn functions (not exhaustive):

March Petejacket.gif
Sneaky Pete's leather jacket
  • A shirt that gives +10 Moxie and can have its enchantments changed
  • Pete only: Improved audience interaction
A 100-power shirt that can change its enchantments by popping its collar.
  • +10 Moxie
  • +20% Meat Drops
  • +30% Pickpocket chance
  • +4 Adventures at Rollover


  • +10 Moxie
  • +20% Initiative
  • +30 Monster Level
  • +4 PvP Fights at Rollover

Path exclusive: In Avatar of Sneaky Pete, the jacket (in either form) is auto-pulled, and equipable in Hardcore. Pete can use the "The Audience Loves/Hates You Even More!" enchantment, increasing the Love/Hate caps to 50, and causing Mug for the Audience and Pickpocket to affect the Audience doubly so.

April Genelab.gif
Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab
(Workshed item, Tradeable)
While in Your Workshed, gives a DNA extraction syringe, a reusable combat item that staggers and collects DNA based on Monster Types. Each monster type has an associated effect, which can come from a Gene Tonic, as 30 turns of the effect, or from self-hybridization, as an intrinsic effect. The last DNA extraction determines the type of Gene Tonic or hybridization. There is a daily limit of creating three Gene Tonics and one hybridization. While making a Gene Tonic does not affect the DNA in the syringe, hybridization will empty it. The effects from the Lab are not mutually exclusive, but having a Gene Tonic and intrinsic of the same type does not double the effect.

Some useful effects (not exhaustive):

May Aircharter.gif
airplane charter: Spring Break Beach
Grants permanent access to Spring Break Beach, which contains three Sleaze-themed zones. Beach Bucks are the local currency, and are conveniently given by quests from the three stores there where they are spent. Unlike other Charter quests which reset daily, quests at Spring Break Beach are reset by using an Ultimate Mind Destroyer.

As with all Elemental International Airport locations, the difference between owning a charter and using a one-day ticket is just that charter owners can access that location in Hardcore, or in Softcore without using a pull on a ticket. In Aftercore, it will take a very long time for a charter to break even with one-day tickets.

June Stillgrill.gif
still grill
Hatches into
Galloping Grill
  • Sombrero and Hot Starfish combo
  • Sometimes drops stat-related items after combat
A familiar that increases stat gains like a Hovering Sombrero and does Hot damage and restores MP like a Star Starfish. The damage done will be physical against Hot monsters, and always acts at the beginning of combat.

Sometimes drops various items after combat:

July Crate.gif
Clan speakeasy
(VIP Lounge)
  • Sells a variety of booze, up to three per day
  • Booze effects include substats, semi-rare adventure tracking, various effects, PvP Fights, and others
(More details in the VIP Lounge section on this page)
August Book4.gif
The Confiscator's Grimoire
Grants skill:
Summon Confiscated Things
  • Produces an equipment, potion, and usable item, once per day
Once per day, summons three items:
  • Equipment: The type is predictable based on class, path, and day.
  • Potion: Gives +10 to an attribute, +10 to a related type of damage, and +10% to a related type of critical hit or +10 Damage Reduction
  • Usable item: Items that can be used on other players for fun, or an LCD game minigame
September Thorpliers.gif
Thor's Pliers
  • 1-handed weapon with multiple functions
  • Improves stat gains, MP regeneration, fighting, and crafting
  • Especially useful in Heavy Rains
A 1-handed weapon with several enchantments:
  • +4 Stats per fight
  • Allows for 10 Meatsmithings without Adventure cost per day
  • +6-9 MP regeneration
  • +20% Pickpocket Chance
  • Regular Attacks Can't Miss
  • Gives the Ply Reality skill (staggers and does 3-5 damage of each element, 1/combat)

Path exclusive: In Heavy Rains, this item is auto-pulled from storage and equipable in Hardcore. In addition, after every 11 combats wielding the Pliers, recovers 11 bolts of Lightning, a path-exclusive resource used for Lightning skills.

October Aircharter.gif
airplane charter: Conspiracy Island
Grants permanent access to Conspiracy Island, which contains three Spooky-themed zones. A Radio on a Beach issues one quest per day, asking Adventurers Mercenaries to fulfill tasks around the Island in exchange for Coins-spiracy. Coins-spiracy are spent in the shops in The Conspiracy Island Bunker, each of which must be unlocked by adventuring in the zones around the island.

As with all Elemental International Airport locations, the difference between owning a charter and using a one-day ticket is just that charter owners can access that location in Hardcore, or in Softcore without using a pull on a ticket. In Aftercore, it will take a very long time for a charter to break even with one-day tickets.

November Fistoutline.gif
fist turkey outline
Hatches into
Fist Turkey
  • Fairy that attacks enemies
  • Can give Meat or stats in combat
  • Drops up to 5 boozes per day after combat
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy, and attacks enemies. Always acts at the start of combat, attacking and sometimes staggering, giving Meat, or giving substats to one attribute (up to 5 instances per substat type each day).

Occasionally drops size-1 booze after combat, up to a total of 5 drops per day:

December Crimbosapling.gif
Crimbo sapling
Hatches into
Crimbo Shrub
  • Attacks and increases stat gains, tuned to a chosen attribute
  • Configurable, once per day
  • Can give extra PvP Fights
  • YR option, Meat-giving option, gift exchanging option
A familiar that attacks enemies with elemental damage, increases stat gains, and has two other abilities, depending on decorations. Can be configured once per day to change the familiar's functions. Redecorating options:
  • The attribute receiving 75% of the familiar's bonus stat gains
  • Attack element (prismatic, or any of the 5 elements)
  • One choice out of:
  • Healing HP after combat
  • Giving one PvP Fight after about every 20 combats
  • Staggering like a Potato
  • One choice out of:
KoL Con XI
Xi Receiver Unit
(Correspondence item, Tradeable)
Sets up a correspondence to deliver a transmission from planet Xi every day. The first transmission produces a Xiblaxian holo-wrist-puter, an accessory that gives +10% Item Drops and occasionally drops Xiblaxian materials depending on the location type. The second transmission produces a Xiblaxian 5D printer, where Xiblaxian materials are spent.

A typical run will likely have enough materials to buy a Xiblaxian ultraburrito or Xiblaxian space-whiskey, size-4 EPIC food or booze.


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Uclarva.gif
avatar of the Unconscious Collective
Hatches into
Unconscious Collective
  • Volleyball and Leprechaun combo
  • Sometimes drops Dream Jars, a spleen item
  • Gives 3 free rests per day
A familiar that increases Stat Gains like a Volleyball and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun. Passively gives three free rests per day, even while in the Terrarium.

Occasionally drops a Unconscious Collective Dream Jar, a size-4 spleen item that gives 5-10 Adventures and some stats.

Item of the Year Jungmanlarva.gif
dreaming Jung man
Hatches into
Angry Jung Man
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun. Once per day, after 30 combats, drops a psychoanalytic jar. Jars are usable on some non-player characters (and sometimes Jick) to produce a jar of psychoses, which when used, unlock special adventuring zones for that day. Only one psychoses jar may be used per day.

The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses contains Fear Man's Level, which has the morbid skull monster that drops up to 5 white pixels at a time.

January Snowsuit.gif
Snow Suit
  • Familiar equipment with a hefty but decaying weight bonus
  • Tailorable for additional enchantments
A familiar equipment that gives +20 Familiar Weight, and this bonus decreases by one pound after every 5 combats, down to a minimum of +5 Familiar Weight. This resets to +20 at Rollover.

Can be tailored to add an additional enchantment:

  • Familiar attacks with physical damage
  • Familiar attacks with Cold damage
  • +10% Item Drops, sometimes drops a carrot nose (3/day), used to make consumables that give 10 turns of +10% Item Drops
  • Restores 1-20 HP after combat
  • Restores 1-10 MP after combat
February Subcard.gif
GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card
(Correspondence item, Tradeable)
Sets up a correspondence to deliver a GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine every day. Reading the magazine opens The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon in The Dungeoneers' Association. The first encounter in a fresh Dungeon yields a dungeoneering kit, which will not take an Adventure. The kit contains:

A dungeon contains scaling monsters, which drop various consumables and equipment, and a final boss, which drops a fat loot token and an outfit piece. A Dungeon can be completed in about 20-30 turns.

March Jarl fry.gif
Jarlsberg's pan
  • Off-hand item geared for (legendary) spellcasters
  • Food and booze transmutation into potion ingredients
An off-hand item with the following enchantments:
  • +50% Spell Damage
  • +8-10 MP regeneration
  • +50% Food Drops
  • +2 Mysticality Stats per fight
  • +30 Damage Reduction (first hit only)

The pan can be [used] to toggle Cosmic portal mode, which converts most dropped food and booze into Cosmic Calories. Calories can be made into the following potions:

Path exclusive: In Avatar of Jarlsberg, the pan (in either form) is auto-pulled, and equippable in Hardcore. Jarlsberg can use the "+1 Food Conjuration" enchantment, producing an additional item when using the path's Conjure skills.

April Book4.gif
Libram of Pulled Taffy
Grants skill:
Summon Taffy
  • Summons a random taffy, used as potions or underwater combat items
When cast, this skill produces a random taffy. As potions, each taffy gives 10 turns of its effect, with the effects getting stronger as their duration increases, to maximum potency at 50 turns or more. Taffies are also usable in underwater combats, with a limit of one per fight.

Potion effects (X represents effect duration)/Underwater combat effects:

Yellow, green, and indigo taffies are "rare", where each summoned rare taffy decreases the chance of summoning another rare taffy that day. In addition, only one yellow taffy may be summoned per day.

Each successful libram skill cast increases the MP cost of the next libram cast.

May Floristform.gif
Order of the Green Thumb Order Form
  • Allows planting around the Kingdom for various passive effects in zones
  • An exercise in memory
Allows permanent access to The Florist Friar's Cottage in Forest Village. The Friar can plant various plants in the last zone adventured in, with the types of plants available dependent on the type of zone (indoor, outdoor, underground, and underwater). A zone may contain up to three unique plants, only one of which may be territorial, and only one of each plant type may be planted each day. Plants in different location types but with the same effect are considered as different plant types.

The following plant effects are common to the three non-underwater zone types:

  • +30 Monster Level (territorial)
  • +25% Item Drops (territorial)
  • +5 (Mus/Mys/Mox) Stats per fight (territorial)
  • Delevels monsters before combat
  • HP restoration after combat
  • MP restoration after combat
  • Deals damage (various damage types, each its own plant type)

Indoor and underground zones also have a plant that gives +25% Initiative, and outdoor and indoor zones also have a plant that sometimes staggers.

Underwater zones may have the following plant effects:

  • Strong deleveling before combat (territorial)
  • +40% Item Drops (territorial)
  • +60% Meat Drops (territorial)
  • Staggers, sometimes
  • Causes the first enemy attack to miss
  • Deals (physical/Stench/Cold) damage
  • HP and MP restoration after combat
  • +30 stats per fight
June Cloneegg.gif
adventurer clone egg
Hatches into
  • Does many different things, based on chracter level and its class
A familiar that chooses a class upon adventuring with it for the first time in an Ascension. Does various things based on its class and character level, gaining a new ability at level 1, 5, 10, and 15:
Class Level 1+ Level 5+ Level 10+ Level 15+
Seal Clubber Physical damage Volleyball stat gains Cold damage Removes negative effects
Turtle Tamer Volleyball stat gains Starfish damage/MP restoration Physical damage/deleveling Spooky damage
Pastamancer Potato staggers HP restoration Leprechaun Meat Drops Prismatic damage
Sauceror Leprechaun Meat Drops Hot/Cold damage Starfish Cold damage/MP restoration Class-specific buffs
Disco Bandit Deleveling Fairy Item Drops Physical damage/HP restoration Physical damage/deleveling
Accordion Thief Class-specific buffs Ghoul Whelp HP/MP restoration Fairy Item Drops Sombrero stat gains
July Crate.gif
Clan hot dog stand
(VIP Lounge)
(More details in the VIP Lounge section on this page)
August Folderholder.gif
Folder Holder
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder
  • Customizable accessory based on its held folders
An accessory that holds up to three different folders, and gains enchantments based on the folders within. While equipped, allows folders to drop. Held folders are permanent, even across Ascension, until they are removed, which destroys them.

Some useful folders (not exhaustive):

Path exclusive: In KOLHS, this item is auto-pulled, and equippable in Hardcore. Its capacity is increased to five folders, with the extra two folders being ejected without being destroyed after freeing the King in this path.

September Crate.gif
KoLHS Pep Squad Box
Hatches into
Steam-Powered Cheerleader
  • Improved Fairy and Barrrnacle combo
  • Effectiveness decays with use, resetting each day
  • Provides small cheering buffs in combat
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and delevels like a Barrrnacle with a weight multiplier for both effects. This multiplier starts at 1.4× for 25 combats, and decreases by 0.1 every 25 combats, down to a minimum of 1× after 100 combats, at which the Item Drops bonus and deleveling are that of their normal counterparts. The multiplier resets each day.

Having the familiar-specific equipment equipped halves the rate at which the weight multiplier decreases, for 50 turns between decreases.

Sometimes gives 1 turn of a buff at the start of combat, with effects including +15 to an attribute, +15 Damage Reduction and +50 Damage Absorption, and +20 elemental weapon and spell damage.

Path exclusive: In KOLHS, this familiar is not subject to the 10 lb base weight maximum in KoL High School zones.

October Coffinlid.gif
deanimated reanimator's coffin
Hatches into
Reanimated Reanimator
A familiar that increases stat gains like a Volleyball and collects Monster Parts after combat, up to a total of 50 parts. The Reanimator gains additional abilities based on the kinds of parts collected, with strength dependent on part quantity. Chatting with the Reanimator allows configuring which parts are collected or ignored, and also an option to discard the entire swarm of parts. When the Reanimator is not the active familiar, one part is lost per combat.
  • Arms: Attacks each round
  • Legs: Increases Item Drops
  • Skulls: Increases Meat Drops
  • Wings: Delevels before combat
  • Weird Parts: Staggers

While active, grants the Wink at (Familiar Name) skill, which staggers and causes three wandering copies of the monster to appear, with 15-25 turns between wanderers. This skill can be used successfully once per day.

This familiar is undead.

November Pantsgiving.gif
A 100-power pair of pants with the following enchantments:
  • +2 Stats per fight
  • +2 Resistance to All Elements
  • +15% Item Drops
  • +30% Meat Drops

At maximum fullness, sometimes increases maximum Fullness by 1 after combat. This occurs after entering 5, 50, 500, and 5000 combats with the Pants equipped, even if not at maximum Fullness.

When worn, increases HP and MP gained from resting at the Campground by 5 per level of Fullness.

Grants the following combat skills, each costing 0 MP and usable once per combat:

  • Talk About Politics: Instakills the opponent and banishes for 30 turns, usable 5 times per day
  • Pocket Crumbs: Staggers and delevels by 10-15%, and sometimes produces an item (10/day), including size-1 foods, potions, and pocket lint
  • Air Dirty Laundry: Staggers and deals some damage of a random type for each unique food eaten that day
December Book4.gif
The Smith's Tome
Grants skill:
Summon Smithsness
When cast, produces a Flaskfull of Hollow, a lump of Brituminous coal, and a handful of Smithereens.

The Flaskfull gives 150 turns of Merry Smithsness, which gives +25 Smithsness and +1% to all attributes per Smithsness.

The coal Meatsmiths with starting class weapons and other basic items to produce equipment that give +5 Smithsness and have other bonuses. Smithed class weapons give +2% to the class's mainstat per Smithsness, and only grant this and their other bonuses to the respective class.

All items made with coal Pulverize into Smithereens.

Smithereens are a size-1 spleen item that gives 1-2 Adventures and 100 turns of +10 Smithsness, and is a crafting ingredient in several items.

In Ronin and Hardcore, there is a limit of three Tome uses across all Tome skills.

KoL Con X
Gordon Beer's Beer Garden Catalog
packet of beer seeds
(Garden item)
Creates A Beer Garden in The Campground, which grows 3 handfuls of barley and 3 clusters of hops each day. It will also alternate growing a fancy beer bottle or fancy beer label after the first day. One handful of barley and one cluster of hops are used to craft EPIC beer and beer-related items, with bottled items also requiring a bottle and label:

3 of each garden crop produces an artisanal homebrew gift package, which may be used on a player to give them an artisanal homebrew sampler. The sampler contains 3 bottles of beer, two from the above list, and one exclusive to the sampler.

Beer cans are also usable to make items:

  • tin cup (1 can): Potion, gives 20 turns of +10% Item Drops and +20% Meat Drops
  • tin snips (2 cans): Reusable combat item, causes bleeding each round
  • tin lizzie (4 cans): Quest item, allows travel to Desert Beach
  • tin tam (8 cans): 100-power hat, +2 Resistance to all Elements, +5 Damage Reduction, +1 Mysticality Stat per fight
  • tin foil (11 cans): 1-handed weapon, +10% Muscle, +10% Weapon Damage, +1 Muscle Stat per fight
  • tin drum (16 cans): 2-handed ranged weapon, +10% Moxie, +3 Prismatic Damage, +1 Moxie Stat per fight
  • tin roof (rusted) (32 cans): Housing furnishing, gives +5 PvP Fights at Rollover

VIP Lounge

This section contains the other Clan VIP Lounge items not detailed in a previous section. Information about the Clan VIP Lounge key can be found on the parent page.

Month Item Summary Description
May 2009 Crate.gif
Clan pool table
(VIP Lounge)
  • Three billiards buffs per day
  • A farewell to pants
Allows for three games of pool per day, each of which also provides a choice of one of three 10-turn effects:

Each game of pool also challenges the current table leader, comparing Pool Skill for control and bragging rights.

March 2010 Crate.gif
Clan looking glass
(VIP Lounge)
Produces a "DRINK ME" potion each day, which gives 20 turns of access to the Rabbit Hole in The Nearby Plains. The Rabbit Hole contains three locations:
  • The Mad Tea Party: Once per day, provides 20 turns of an effect based on the character length of the currently worn hat.
  • The Red Queen's Garden: A scaling monster zone, where one reflection of a map can drop for every previously used "DRINK ME" potion. The map leads to a choice adventure that can produce various items, or a chess puzzle that gives chess cookies.
  • The Tweedleporium: A shop that sells different items depending on the day of the week.
April 2011 Crate.gif
Clan shower
(VIP Lounge)
  • One daily refreshing shower, for MP restoration, improved stat gains, or cold utility
Allows for one April Shower per day, with 5 different temperature settings:
May 2012 Crate.gif
Olympic-sized Clan crate
(VIP Lounge)
  • One pool item per day
  • One swimming workout per day
Can be jumped into and checked for treasure once per day, producing a swimming pool-related item.

Also provides one swimming workout per day, providing a choice of 50 turns of one of the following effects:

July 2013 Crate.gif
Clan hot dog stand
(VIP Lounge)
Installs a Hot Dog Stand in the Clan VIP Lounge. The hot dog man offers amusing advice and one fancy, awesome-quality hot dog per day. Fancy hot dogs must each be unlocked through a once-per-clan sacrifice of a rare item.

Attribute hot dogs are size-2, and give 50 turns of an effect that gives +50% to an attribute, +10% of an associated bonus, and +50% to two monster types, each corresponding to a Dreadsylvania zone:

Elemental hot dogs are size-3, and give 30 turns of an effect that gives +30 elemental Damage, +3 Resistance to the two elements weak to that element, and another bonus:

Miscellaneous dogs:

Each fancy hot dog requires an item to be permanently unlocked, and also requires ingredients in the Stand to consume a hot dog.

The Stand also has basic hot dogs, which do not count as fancy hot dogs and give 1 Adventure for 1 Fullness. They may also be "eaten" when at maximum Fullness, which will instead cause exponentially increasing substat loss with each hot dog.

July 2014 Crate.gif
Clan speakeasy
(VIP Lounge)
  • Sells a variety of booze, up to three per day
  • Booze effects include substats, semi-rare adventure tracking, various effects, PvP Fights, and others
Opens A Speakeasy in the Clan VIP Lounge, which sells booze to be drank immediately. These drinks have varying qualities and effects, and up to three drinks may be purchased per day. Not all drinks are initially available, and must be unlocked with once-per-clan passwords.
April 2016 Crate.gif
Clan Floundry
(VIP Lounge)
  • Rentable gear (1/day)
  • +50%/+100% to one attribute
  • +/- 10% Combat Frequency
  • Various other enchantments, and potentially some quest-related items
Provides one rentable equipment with powerful enchantments per day. In general, these equipment provide a large boost (+50%/+100%) to one attribute, and all but one provide +/- 10% Combat Frequency. The -10% combat frequency equipment can also be used once per day, providing various quest related items.
  • carpe (back item): +50% Mysticality, +5-10 MP regeneration, +50% Meat Drops, +10% Combat Frequency
  • codpiece (accessory): +100% Mysticality, +100 maximum MP, +50 Spell Damage, -10% Combat Frequency, gives 8 bubblin' crudes
  • troutsers (200-power pants): +50% Moxie, +50% Pickpocket Chance, +11 Prismatic Damage, +5 Resistance to All Elements
  • bass clarinet (1-handed ranged weapon): +100% Moxie, +50 Ranged Damage, -3 MP cost for skills, -10% Combat Frequency, gives 10 white pixels
  • fish hatchet (1-handed melee weapon): +100% Muscle, +50 Weapon Damage, -10% Combat Frequency, gives 5+5 bridge parts
  • tunac (100-power shirt): +50% Muscle, +25 Monster Level, +25% Item Drops, +10% Combat Frequency

Also provides a fishin' pole, for fishing for fish around the Kingdom. Any fish caught are shared with the clan and used to purchase the above items.

Crimbo 2009 Crimbough.gif
5 Crimboughs
A Crimbo Tree
(VIP Lounge)
  • A present every seven days
After the seventh day of an Ascension, produces a present Gift Item. The Tree produces another item seven days after receiving a present. Each item autosells for 500 Meat.
Crimbo 2010 Crate.gif
deluxe fax machine
(VIP Lounge)
  • With the help of a faxbot, allows for one copied fight against almost any monster
Produces a photocopied monster containing a copy of the last loaded monster in the clan. Photocopied monsters can also be loaded into fax machines to replace the previous monster. One faxed monster can be fought per day.

There is a public Faxbot service (Easyfax) which allows on-demand delivery of specific monsters into clan fax machines. This allows the fax machine to produce one fight against almost any copiable monster per day.

Mr. Store Item Derivatives

Just as on the page containing non-restricted items, this section lists items and skills derived from Mr. Store items, but are available even without owning the original item. An asterisk (*) indicates the item is untradeable.

Source Item/Skill Summary
A Crimbo Tree Candypile.gif Summon Crimbo Candy (book) A non-combat skill (3 MP) that summons three Crimbo candies, usable once per day. Each candy is a potion that gives 5 turns of Sugar Rush and 5 turns of an +5 to one attribute.
Jackinthebox.gif Jack-in-the-Box A familiar that requires one combat to turn its crank to charge, then has a chance of increasing Item Drops and stat gains after combat. The values for both of these bonuses will be double that of a Fairy/Volleyball of the same weight.
Revmap.gif reflection of a map*
(Drinkme.gif "DRINK ME" potion)
Hookah.gif ittah bittah hookah* A familiar equipment for any familiar that gives +5 Familiar Weight, and at the start of every 6th combat, gives 6 turns of a random non-detrimental effect.
The Tweedleporium Stuffwatch.gif stuffed pocketwatch Usable once per day, gives or takes away up to 10 Adventures.
Knighthat.gif helm of the white knight
Nicewatch.gif wristwatch of the white knight
Knightpants.gif trousers of the white knight
Components of the Knight's Armor outfit (bonus: +10% Pickpocket Chance).
Amazing Ideas Smoresgun.gif s'more gun Usable on players to produce one s'more in that player's inventory, consuming one marshmallow per use. Each s'more eaten in an Ascension increases the fullness and Adventure yield of subsequent s'mores.
April Shower Icecap.gif double-ice cap*
Icebox.gif double-ice box*
Icebritches.gif double-ice britches*
Components of the Cold Comforts outfit (bonus: +30 Cold Damage and +30 Damage to Cold Spells).
Builtbot.gif homemade robot*
(Robokit.gif home robotics kit)
Homemadebot.gif Homemade Robot A familiar that does cute things in combat, and does not gain weight from experience. Using pile of useless robot parts permanently increases the Robot's weight by 11 pounds, up to 100 pounds.
A Couch Next To A Jar Truthseeker.gif Truthsayer*
Byte.gif Byte*
Pcgsword.gif Sword of Procedural Generation*
Meatcleaver.gif Meatcleaver*
Bloodbath.gif Bloodbath*
Ginsu.gif Ginsu™*
Whitefang.gif White Dragon Fang*
Sword weapons, each with 20-40 Damage and 200 Muscle requirements, two-handed unless otherwise stated. Respectively:
  • One-handed, +12 Monster Level and +40% Weapon Damage, and shouts conspiracy theories on Critical Hits.
  • One-handed, +100% Spell Damage and +15% Critical Spell Chance.
  • Has 5 randomized enchantments unique to each player, generated upon acquiring.
  • +35% Meat Drops and +100% Weapon Damage.
  • +2 Resistance to All Elements and +25-30 HP/MP regeneration.
  • +100% Food Drops and +100% Weapon Damage.
  • One-handed, gives +9% to all attributes, +9 Prismatic Damage, and +9 MP regeneration.
The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon
(Gamemag.gif GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine)
Wtbhelmet.gif Helm of the Scream Emperor*
Wtbcloak.gif Cloak of Dire Shadows*
Wtbsword.gif Sword of Dark Omens*
Wtbshield.gif Shield of Icy Fate*
Wtbgreaves.gif Greaves of the Murk Lord*
Wtbgauntlets.gif Gauntlets of the Blood Moon*
Wtbboots.gif Boots of Twilight Whispers*
Wtbbelt.gif Belt of Howling Anger*
Components of the Raiments of the Final Boss outfit (bonus: +10% to all attributes).

Each item gives +5% to all attributes, two other bonuses, and has no stat requirement for equipping.

Fancycan.gif fancy tin beer can Tinsnips.gif tin snips A reusable combat item that causes bleeding damage each round.
Pocket lint Petuniabowl.gif bowl of petunias* An offhand item that gives +4 to all attributes, +4 Stats per fight, +4 PvP Fights at Rollover, and +4-8 HP/MP regeneration.
Winter Gardening Icehouse.gif ice house A combat item that banishes a monster, where it is kept in The Museum. It remains banished even though Rollover and Ascension (if this item is not restricted), until another ice house is used on another monster, or is manually freed.
Snowmachine.gif snow machine A workshed item that produces a snow berries and an ice harvest upon harvesting a Garden.
Buff Jimmy's Souvenir Shop
(Airdaypass.gif one-day ticket to Spring Break Beach)
Seenitall.gif Unoffendable (book) A passive +3 Sleaze Resistance skill.
Groosegrease.gif Grease Up (book) A non-combat skill (15 MP) that gives 10 turns of +15 Sleaze Damage. While this effect is active, gives the combat skill Unleash the Greash, which consumes all turns of the effect and does proportional Sleaze damage based on the number of turns consumed.
Brolo.gif Brogre brolo shirt*
Brorts.gif Brogre brorts*
Buckethat.gif Brogre bucket hat*
Components of the Brogre Brouture outfit (bonus: +50% Muscle).
Transmission.gif Xiblaxian holo-buddy simcode Holobuddy.gif Xiblaxian Holo-Companion A familiar that increases Initiative by double its weight like an Oily Woim and staggers like a Levitating Potato.
Xiprinter.gif Xiblaxian 5D printer*
(Transmission.gif Xiblaxian cache locator simcode)
Xicowl.gif Xiblaxian stealth cowl*
Xivest.gif Xiblaxian stealth vest*
Xipants.gif Xiblaxian stealth trousers*
Components of the Xiblaxian Stealth Suit outfit (bonus: +10% to all attributes).

Each item gives -5% Combat Frequency and +20% to a different attribute.

The Armory Blindfolded.gif Hypersane (book) A passive +3 Spooky Resistance skill.
Intimidate.gif Intimidating Mien (book) A non-combat skill (15 MP) that gives 10 turns of +15 Spooky Damage. While this effect is active, gives the combat skill Thousand-Yard Stare, which consumes all turns of the effect and does two hits of proportional Spooky damage based on the number of turns consumed.
Happiness.gif mercenary pistol A 1-handed ranged weapon that gives +10 to all attributes, prevents fumbling, and allows use of special clips as combat items when equipped, dealing multiple hits of Moxie-based elemental damage.
Tales of Spelunking leaderboard
(Speltales.gif Tales of Spelunking)
Spelpick.gif Speluck (book) A passive skill that grants +5% Item Drops and +10% Meat Drops in Underground Locations.
Hobofedora.gif Spelunker's fedora*
Spelwhip.gif Spelunker's whip*
Khakis.gif Spelunker's khakis*
Components of the Spelunker's Gear outfit (bonus: +15% Critical Hit Chance). Respectively:
  • Hat, +10% to all attributes, +4 Adventures at Rollover, +2 Stats per fight
  • 1-handed melee weapon, +25% Weapon Damage, +10% Item Drops, +5 Familiar Weight
  • Pants, +25% Initiative, +4-8 HP/MP regeneration, +5% Combat Frequency
The Dinsey Company Store
(Airdaypass.gif one-day ticket to Dinseylandfill)
Stinknose.gif Olfactory Burnout (book) A passive +3 Stench Resistance skill.
Garbagenova.gif Garbage Nova (book) A combat skill (50 MP) that deals Stench damage, scaling with Mysticality and Spell Damage. When used against group monsters, this skill's damage is multiplied by half the number of monsters in the group.
Fannypack.gif stinky fannypack* An accessory that gives +25 Stench Damage, +25 Damage to Stench Spells, and +40% Item Drops in Elemental Airport zones.
Arbsticker.gif garbage sticker* A 1-handed weapon that gives +20% Item Drops for certain item types, +30% Meat Drops, and produces 90-110 Meat after combats that cost an Adventure and do not drop Meat.
Hazhelmet.gif hazmat helmet* A 200-power hat that gives +50 Damage Absorption, +2 Resistance to All Elements, +40-60 HP regeneration, prevents 75% of negative status attacks, and changes the player avatar.
Sludgepup.gif inert sludgepuppy*
(Toxglob.gif toxic globule)
Sludgepuppy.gif Sludgepuppy A familiar that does three instances of Stench damage per round and staggers like a Levitating Potato.
Wart Dinsey Dinseybrain.gif Dinsey's brain*
Dinseycutter.gif Dinsey's pizza cutter*
Dinseydish.gif Dinsey's radar dish*
Disneypants.gif Dinsey's pants*
Dinseyeye.gif Dinsey's oculus*
Dinseyglove.gif Dinsey's glove*
Components of the Dinsey's Exoskeleton outfit (bonus: +100 to all attributes). Respectively:
  • Hat, +30 Damage to Stench Spells, +30% Mysticality
  • 1-handed utensil, +50% Spell Damage, +2 Resistance to All Elements, Utensil Twist deals 50% of the monster's current HP in damage
  • Shield, +15 Damage Reduction, +8-10 MP regeneration, deals increasing passive damage each round
  • Pants, +15 damage and +50% deleveling to Disco Bandit combat skills
  • Accessory, +40% Initiative, +30% Muscle
  • Accessory, +30 damage to Accordion Thief combat skills, +30% Moxie
Dinseybrain.gif Rotten Memories (book) A non-combat skill (15 MP) that gives 10 turns of +15 Stench Damage.
Deck of Every Card
(Buscard.gif gift card)
Potion4.gif Healing Salve
Skull.gif Dark Ritual
Lightning.gif Lightning Bolt
Smilerat.gif Giant Growth
Raindrop.gif Ancestral Recall
These skills require and consume a colored mana, also obtained from the Deck or gift card. Respectively:
Disco GiftCo
(Airdaypass.gif one-day ticket to That 70s Volcano)
Heartrock.gif Asbestos Heart (book) A passive +3 Hot Resistance skill.
Fire.gif Pyromania (book) A non-combat skill (15 MP) that gives 10 turns of +15 Hot Damage.
Bikerhat.gif biker's hat*
Headdress.gif feathered headdress*
Hardhat.gif electrician's hardhat*
A hat that gives +40% Moxie, +40% Booze Drops, and +20% Pickpocket chance.
A hat that gives +40% Mysticality, +40% Food Drops, and +10-20 MP regeneration.
A hat that gives +40% Muscle, +40 Weapon Damage, and +20-40 HP regeneration.
The SMOOCH Army HQ Happiness.gif love* A ranged weapon that gives +50% Pants Drops, +5 Familiar Weight, and +8-16 HP/MP regeneration.
LavaCo™ Lamp Factory Chongglasses.gif Mr. Cheeng's spectacles* An accessory that gives +15% Item Drops, +10% Critical Spell Chance, +30% Spell Damage, and occasionally gives a random potion after combat.
Barreltiny.gif tiny barrel Barrelmimic.gif Lil' Barrel Mimic A familiar that increases stat gains after combat like a Volleyball, and sometimes gives an item after combat. Possible items include burritos, boozes, substat-granting spleen items, and HP or MP restorers.
Weekly Royalty leaderboard Scepter.gif Royal scepter* An off-hand item that gives +4 Adventures, +8 PvP Fights, and 5 turns of +200% to all attributes, maximum HP/MP, Weapon Damage, and Spell Damage at Rollover.
(Airdaypass.gif one-day ticket to The Glaciest)
Snowflake.gif Refusal to Freeze (book) A passive +3 Cold Resistance skill.
Epicbeard.gif Beardfreeze (book) A non-combat skill (15 MP) that gives 10 turns of +15 Cold Damage.
Teeth.gif Frost Bite (book) A combat skill (50 MP) that deals physical and Cold damage, and stuns for 2-3 rounds. Can be used only once per combat.
Walglobe.gif Wal-Mart snowglobe*
Waltag.gif Wal-Mart nametag*
Walveralls.gif Wal-Mart overalls*
An off-hand item that gives +40% Muscle, +4 Muscle Stats per fight, and +5 Familiar Weight.
An accessory that gives +40% Mysticaility, +4 Mysticaility Stats per fight, and +10% Critical Spell Chance.
Pants that give +40% Moxie, +4 Moxie Stats per fight, and +30% Initiative.
The Ice Hotel Perf icecube.gif Perfect Freeze (book) A non-combat skill (5 MP) that can be used once per day, and produces a perfect ice cube.
Batfellowbook.gif Batfellow comic Jokerwig.gif The Jokester's wig
Sixshooter.gif The Jokester's gun
Tuxpants.gif The Jokester's pants
Components of The Jokester's Costume outfit (bonus: +25% Item Drops and +50% Meat Drops). Respectively:
  • 200-power hat, +6-8 MP regeneration, +10 Monster Level, +25 Spooky Damage. Grants the combat skill Adjust the Jokester's Wig (0 MP), usable once per day to stagger and give 100 turns of +9 Spooky Resistance.
  • 1-handed ranged weapon, +5 Prismatic Damage, +25% Initiative, +50% Pants Drops. Grants the combat skill Fire the Jokester's Gun (0 MP), usable once per day to instantly kill a monster and make the fight a free fight.
  • 200-power pants, +6-8 HP regeneration, +20% Moxie, never fumble. Grants the combat skill Adjust the Jokester's Pants (0 MP) to stagger and deal Sleaze Damage.
X-32-F Combat Training Snowman Shatter.gif Shattering Punch (book) A combat skill (30 MP) that instantly kills a monster and makes the fight a free fight. Can be used three times per day.
Snokebomb.gif Snokebomb (book) A combat skill (50 MP) that is a free runaway and 30-turn banish. Can be used three times per day.
Vibrate.gif Shivering Monkey Technique (book) A passive +15% Initative skill.
LT&T Gift Shop Junkbent.gif Bend Hell (book)
Legs.gif Bow-Legged Swagger (book)
Susgaze.gif Steely-Eyed Squint (book)
Non-combat skills (100 MP) that can each be used once per day, giving 1 turn of an effect that doubles certain bonuses, respectively:
Book3.gif Western Slang Vol. 1: Violence
Book3.gif Western Slang Vol. 2: Cooking
Book3.gif Western Slang Vol. 3: Fraud
When used, permanently unlocks the last three skills of the respective Avatar of West of Loathing class for learning:

These items are free pulls from Hagnk's.

Cowskull.gif shuddering cow skull Cowskull.gif Restless Cow Skull A familiar that staggers like a Potato and additionally attacks with Spooky damage. With Cowrruption active, attacks deal more damage and are more frequent.
Investigating a Plaintive Telegram
(Inflatltt.gif inflatable LT&T telegraph office)
Sixgunpor.gif porquoise-handled sixgun* A reusable combat item that deals 35 damage and restores 20-30 MP, once per combat.
Clarabell.gif Clara's bell* Gives a "hidden effect" when used, once per day, that effectively forces the next encounter to be a non-combat, if appropriate for that zone. This "effect" disappears after a valid non-combat encounter.
Internet Meme Shop Baconmachine.gif infinite BACON machine* Produces 100 BACON when used, once per day, which can be spent at the Internet Meme Shop from which it originated.
Softwarebug.gif software bug Softwarebug.gif Software Bug A familiar that should not do anything, hopefully.
Precinct Materiel Division Hobofedora.gif noir fedora
Trenchcoat.gif trench coat
A hat (200 power, 100 Moxie requirement) that gives +20% Moxie stat gains, +20% Moxie, and +8-10 HP/MP regeneration.
A shirt (200 power, 100 Muscle requirement) that gives +20% Muscle stat gains, +20% Muscle, and +4 Spooky Resistance.
A traveling Thanksgiving salesman Ravyboat.gif gravy boat A 100-power hat that halves damage from Undead monsters, and decreases Evil by 1 after every combat in The Cyrpt.
Gingerbread City
(Fakecity.gif counterfeit city)
Whip.gif Licorice Rope (book) A combat skill (0 MP) that instakills and banishes a gingerbread man for the rest of the day, forfeiting stat gains for the fight.
Nopic2.gif Gingerbread Mob Hit (book) A combat skill (30 MP) that instantly kills a monster and makes the fight a free fight, usable once per day.
Fire.gif Fifteen Minutes of Flame (book) A non-combat skill (50 MP) that gives 15 turns of +15 Hot Damage, +15 Damage to Hot Spells, and +15% Initiative.
Nohat.gif Ceci N'Est Pas Un Chapeau (book) A non-combat skill (300 MP) that gives no hat, a hat (200 power, 150 Moxie requirement) with a random enchantment, and disappears after Rollover. This skill is usable once per day.
Chocolab.gif Chocolate Lab* Increases Item Drops like a Fairy and also increases Sprinkles Drops by 1% per pound.
Through the Spacegate Quantummovement.gif Quantum Movement (book) A passive +20% Initiative skill.
Dollarsign.gif 5-D Earning Potential (book) A passive +20% Meat Drops skill.
Confused.gif Object Quasi-Permanence (book) A passive +10% Item Drops skill.
Spacegate Fabrication Facility Clobber.gif Disintegrate (book) A combat skill (150 MP) that is a Yellow Ray, with a 100-turn cooldown.
Sginsignia1.gif Spacegate scientist's insignia
Sginsignia2.gif Spacegate military insignia
Accessories that respectively give +6 Adventures or PvP Fights at Rollover. Each item also gives 30 turns of +10 Familiar Weight at Rollover.
Sginsignia3.gif Spacegate diplomat's insignia An accessory that gives +25% Moxie, +25% Initiative, and +25% Meat Drops.
Alientotem.gif primitive alien totem An off-hand that gives +25 Damage Reduction, +2-4 HP/MP regeneration, +25 Spooky Damage, and allows casting 30-turn Turtle Tamer buffs while owned.
Metalm.gif metal meteoroid Metalm hat.gif meteortarboard*
Metalm shield.gif meteorite guard*
Metalm belt.gif asteroid belt*
Metalm shoes.gif meteorthopedic shoes*
Metalm mace.gif shooting morning star*
Components of the Meteor Masquerade outfit (bonus: +50% Meat Drops). Respectively:
  • 100-power hat, +4-8 MP regeneration, +15% Mysticality, +10% Critical Spell Chance
  • Shield, +9 Damage Reduction, +3 Hot and Stench Resistance, prevents 75% of negative status attacks
  • Accessory, +10 Monster Level, +50% Ranged Damage, staggers on 25% of enemy attacks
  • Accessory, +30% Initiative, +15% Moxie, +5 Adventures at Rollover
  • 1-handed melee weapon, +15% Muscle, +15 Hot Damage, delevels by 10-15 on hit
Metalm orb.gif meteorb* An off-hand item that gives +5 Mysticality, +10 maximum MP, and is a red lantern, adding Hot Damage to spells, equal to the highest damage dealt by one of the spell's elements.

This item can take the place of the meteorite guard to complete the Meteor Masquerade outfit.

Cutemeteorlarva.gif cute meteoroid Cutemeteor.gif Cute Meteor A familiar that increases Initiative like an Oily Woim and deals Hot damage in combat.
Rubbed it the Right Way
(Whitecard.gif pocket wish)
Pony6.gif magical pony: Dusk Shiny
Pony5.gif magical pony: Shutterfly
Pony4.gif magical pony: Pearjack
Pony3.gif magical pony: Uniquity
Pony2.gif magical pony: Rosey Cake
Pony1.gif magical pony: Spectrum Dash
A set of Gift Items. Having one or more of these items in a Display Case confers Magical Pony Power to the owner, with increasing intensity with greater numbers of ponies.