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I made this page so I don't show up in red. I'll expand it later on.

Collector's Score:

  • You have unlocked 99 tattoos.
  • You have earned 79 trophies.
  • You have collected 100 familiars.
  • Total: 278

To Do List:

  • Gather 500,000 stars.
  • Gather 100,000 star charts.
  • Get the Dwarvish War tattoo. (have war mattock)
  • Get the Grimy Reaper's tattoo.
  • Get the Pork Elf Prizes tattoo. (one piece)
  • Get the slime tube familiar.

Done List:

  • Get a hamster.
  • Get an overcoat.
  • Get a sushi mat.
  • Get a magic dragonfish. (only took me 16 sushis)
  • Gather 1,000 gauze hammocks.
  • Get an imitation crab. (yay drop!)
  • Acquire the 4 Raffamiliars.
  • Gather enough meat to get an emo roe. (hooray ex-clannies)
  • Get a midget clownfish.
  • Get the Arrrbor Day tattoo.
  • Get the Wumpus-Hair tattoo.
  • Get the Hunter in Darkness trophy.
  • Get a purse rat.
  • Get the Slimesuit tattoo.

Ol' Scratch Handcan.gif Ninjapants.gif Stovehat.gif Pitchfork2.gif Cuffs.gif Stovedoor.gif
Frosty Frostycarrot.gif Frostynailbat.gif Frostyhat.gif Frostyarm.gif Styore.gif Knobsack.gif
Oscus Yakpants.gif Ratskin.gif Oscuswand.gif Flypants.gif Trashield.gif Soda.gif
Zombo Bonepants.gif Zomboshield.gif Skullcap.gif Zomboeye.gif Skullsword.gif Skullring.gif
Chester Candybag.gif Cutoffs.gif Chestache.gif Aquamedal.gif Wifebeater.gif Chestershades.gif
Hodgman Hobowtie.gif Porkpiehat.gif Bpcords.gif Book3.gif Cane.gif Picker.gif
Harmonica.gif Tubesock.gif Mdetector.gif Varcolacpaw.gif Whackstick.gif Hobovercoat.gif Blank.gif