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Pretty much a total noob here, but enjoying myself.

Images I Have Found

Way too proud of this.

Rock beholder.gif

Turns out that this guy was old and unused from when Ascension first rolled out, but I found him during the Valhalla revamp.


And this one almost got me killed at the hands of Jick. It was good times.


Found this about 12 hours before its official release, frantically tried to figure how to make it for awhile before giving up. Turned out to be a drop.


Found this mere moments before its official release, but having more advance notice wouldn't have done me any good, given how it works.


After the gummi mines showed up I really thought that this one was going to turn out to be unimplemented, but he was just a little late to the party.


Couple more things that sure look like Crimbo but you won't see them here until you can see them in-game, or I confirm with Jick that they are actually unused images.