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My name is Antoids. What else could you possibly want to know? Well, there is my BARKoL result...

Heart: 70 Dianond: 70 Spade: 170 Club: 55

Friendly Know-it-all apparently. I guess that's true. I'm also fairly generous. I'll give away anything I don't need. Since I never play casual, I don't need money or items. Only familiars, really.

Speaking of which, I could keep track of ascensions here. My first playthrough was a Pastamancer, and I softcore permed Trancendental Noodlecraft. I'm currently a Pastamancer again, and plan to be for a while, before i go back to Oxy, I want to have a lot of skills.

Skill list, in chronological order: Transcendental Noodlecraft Double Fisted Skull Smashing (HP) Ambidextrous Funkslinging (HP)

My goal in life is a bit boring. I'm just naming all my familiars after Monkey Island characters. I've succeeded so far, I even made them all make some sort of sense. I just need to get more familiars. :(

I'm getting damn into this Pastamancer appreciation day thing. Wow.

That's all for my terribly interesting talk page.