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Antipode (#306464)

Discovering the game through an acquaintance who has since stopped playing, Antipode spent months before ever venturing into chat and making a name for himself. Acquired a hypnodisk about three weeks in, but was too much of a noob to know what it was and thus lost a vast fortune to ignorance. Primarily a /radio-goer, he has begun venturing into /normal again, though mostly as a dirty lurker.

  • Pronounced an'tee-poad (not an-tih'po-dee)


Spent most of his first year as a vagabond before joining Helper of Newbies. Soon after, he bounced to Aflubadubdub!, and months later became a proud member of Teh Club, where he has made a permanent home.


  • 43rd person to ascend (though was aiming for 42)
  • Currently holds the largest hot stuffing collection
  • Self-proclaimed greatest astronomer ever, having discovered two locations at the LAAAAME Observatory