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This is a walkthrough/guide for gathering the most effective food and booze during a KoL run, without relying on the Mall or trading with other players. It is meant for use by new players in their first runs, where few or no permed skills are available. It is also useful for players in Bad Moon runs.

This guide does not:

  • Claim to be complete. I'm listing options and recipes based on my own experiences.
  • Claim to be perfect. Some people will probably disagree with certain things I've written in here. That's fine. Suggestions are welcome, or they can go write their own guide.
  • Apply to the game outside of the main storyline (up to and including the Naughty Sorceress Quest). Aftercore locations such as The Sea and Hobopolis are not covered.
  • Include information about adventure-giving spleen consumables such as agua de vida and glimmering roc feathers, because just about all of these depend on Mr. Store items. Once I perm Pulverize and get the chance to use it a bit, I may write a section about it.

Early levels (1-5)

The beginning of a run is always the hardest part in terms of materials; food, booze, Meat and adventures are all relatively scarce. Additionally, your choice of adventuring locations is limited. However, it is possible to level up past this part within two or three days of play if properly managed.

Don't forget semi-rares! Tasty tarts (Haunted Pantry), bottles of distilled fortified wine (Sleazy Back Alley) and the contents of Knob Goblin lunchboxes (Outskirts of Cobb's Knob) are the best foods and boozes you can get early on.

Food (1-5)

For the most part you'll be starting off with the Haunted Pantry and the Haunted Kitchen for food drops on your first day. You may end up having to eat 1:1 foods as you won't have much else. However, once you unlock the Bathole, Degrassi Knoll, the Misspelled Cemetary, the Ruins of Fernswarthy's Tower, and the Bugbear Bakery, a decent selection of low-level recipes become available to you, many of which are listed below.

Food name Recipe Adventures
Substat gains Fullness Notes
Strawberry pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + strawberry 3-9 8-10 Roguishness 3
Ghuol egg quiche (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + ghuol egg 3-9 -- 3 Male players lose 3 Beefiness upon eating this.
Lemon meringue pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + lemon 3-9 8-10 Strengthliness 3
Flower petal pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + pretty flower 3-9 -- 3 Grants 3 adventures of Flower Power.
Lihc eye pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + lihc eye 5-12 11-12 Magicalness 4 Grants 5 adventures of Eye of the Lihc.
Chorizo taco Taco shell + uncooked chorizo 1-3 3-5 Strongness 1
Jumping bean taco Taco shell + pile of jumping beans 1-3 4-20 Roguishness 1
Tofu taco Taco shell + wad of tofu 1-3 4-20- Wizardliness 1
Bean burrito Flat dough + hill of beans 3-8 10-14 Strengthliness 3
Enchanted bean burrito Flat dough + enchanted bean 3-9 14-16 Wizardliness 3
Jumping bean burrito Flat dough + pile of jumping beans 3-8 10-14 Chutzpah 3
Spicy bean burrito Spices + bean burrito 5-12 20-24 Fortitude 3
Spicy enchanted bean burrito Spices + enchanted bean burrito 6-12 22-28 Magicalness 3
Spicy jumping bean burrito Spices + jumping bean burrito 5-12 20-24 Roguishness 3
Insanely spicy bean burrito Jabañero pepper + spicy bean burrito 7-14 27-32 Beefiness 3
Insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito Jabañero pepper + spicy bean burrito 8-15 30-35 Wizardliness 3 Unlocks the skill Chronic Indigestion.
Insanely spicy jumping bean burrito Jabañero pepper + spicy bean burrito 7-14 27-32 Cheek 3
Bat wing kabob Skewer + bat wing 2-5 7-8 Magicalness 2
Ghuol-ear kabob Skewer + ghuol ears 2-5 -- 2
Rat appendix kabob Skewer + rat appendix 2-5 6-9 Sarcasm 2
Brains casserole Fricasseed brains + Gnollish casserole dish 6-14 8-10 Enchantedness 5
Bat haggis Spices + batgut 2-7 10-12 Magicalness 2

Booze (1-5)

Main article: Cocktailcrafting

Booze is much easier to gather than food if you know where to look. The best source of booze early on is the Barrel full of Barrels, unlocked after completing your guild's first challenge. From the Barrels, you can farm four Cocktailcrafting drinks per day, which tend to give 5-6 adventures, 8-10 substats, and 3 drunkenness. You can also get four shots per day, each of which gives 2 adventures, 3-5 substats, and 1 drunkenness. You may also get basic booze (such as a bottle of whiskey) from the Barrels, but rather than drinking these, you want to save them for Cocktailcrafting.

If you end up with no better options for booze, you can go to The Typical Tavern once you finish and buy bottles of overpriced "imported" beer for 100 meat each. They give 2 adventures for 1 drunkenness. They are not stellar or preferable by any means, but if you're truly out of options, it may be the way to go (although be wary, for they're somewhat expensive).

You may also receive a few booze items as drops in low-leveled adventuring zones. Here are a handful of them:

Booze name Dropping location (monster) Adventures
Substat gains Drunkenness Notes
Mad Train wine The Sleazy Back Alley (various monsters) 3-4 -- 3
Accidental cider The Haunted Kitchen (demonic icebox) 3-6 -- 3
Bottle of popskull The Haunted Kitchen (skullery maid) 2-4 -- 2 Deals 2 damage.
Bottle of cooking sherry The Haunted Kitchen (zombie chef) 2-4 -- 2
Ice-cold Willer Degrassi Knoll (noncombat adventure) 1 -- 1 Restores 3-4 MP.


Nightcapping is a booze-drinking method designed to maximize the number of adventures you get from booze every day. The idea is to get yourself to exactly 14 drunkenness (or 19 if you have the Liver of Steel skill) and then finish off with a drink that gives lots of drunkenness (3 or more) and, correspondingly, a high number of adventures. By saving these large drinks for last, you get a higher adventure count.

For example, let's say you drank a perpendicular hula, which gave you 10 adventures and 4 drunkenness. If you then finished up with 11 shots of tomato schnapps, you would gain another 22 adventures, for a daily total of 32 adventures, and finish with exactly 15 drunkenness. However, if you first drank 14 shots and then the perpendicular hula, you would end up with 38 adventures for the day and 18 drunkenness. (The extra drunkenness doesn't matter; any value of 15 or higher gets you falling-down drunk.)

Mid levels (6-11)

Once you are able to do it, one of the first things you will want to do is unlock The Mysterious Island of Mystery and get the pieces of the Filthy Hippy Disguise. This allows you to shop at the Hippy Produce Stand, which sells various fruits that are useful for cooking food and for mixing drinks. To get the hippy disguise items, you can either adventure at The Hippy Camp on the Mysterious Island or at The Road to the White Citadel (part of the White Citadel Quest).

Once you complete the Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest, you will have access to Pandamonium. You can complete an optional sidequest here to receive the steel margarita, an item that will extend your drunkenness limit from 15 to 20. (If you are in a Teetotaler run, you'll get a steel lasagna instead, which boosts stomach capacity; Oxygenarians will get a steel-scented air freshener, which increases spleen capacity.) The sooner you do this, the more extra turns you will get in the long run.

At some point early on, you will unlock all the necessary areas (specifically, Degrassi Knoll, the Misspelled Cemetary, the Ruins of Fernswarthy's Tower, the Typical Tavern, and The "Fun" House) to acquire all the parts to build a bartender-in-the-box and chef-in-the-box. These campground items remove the adventure requirement for cooking or mixing "fancy" foods or drinks. Depending on what you are cooking, these items may save you many adventures in the long run; if you don't cook/mix many "fancy" foods/drinks, it may be a waste of turns to hunt for these items.

Food (6-11)

Once you open the Cobb's Knob Kitchens at level 5, you can farm for spices, Knob mushrooms and Knob sausages. These ingredients can be cooked into a number of decent foods, such as pizzas and stir-fries (see the table below).

At level 5, Pastamasters can buy the skill Pastamastery, which allows them to summon dry noodles and cook them into good foods. Players who have both Pastamastery and the Sauceror skill Advanced Saucecrafting can cook reagent dishes, which are my personal favorite foods due to the large numbers of adventures and substats they give.

Do I want a chef-in-the-box? It depends on what you're cooking. A chef-in-the-box will prevent you from using adventures while cooking with fancy ingredients. Therefore, whether you make a chef-in-the-box depends on what you're cooking. If you're sticking with basic dishes like pizzas, burritos, and tacos, you won't need a chef. If you're making stir-fries, key lime pies, Pastamastery dishes, or reagent dishes, you might want one.

Food name Recipe Adventures
Substat gains Fullness Notes
Key lime pies
Boris's key lime pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + (Lime + Boris's key = Boris's key lime) 14-16 28-33 Muscleboundness 4 You get your key back after eating this.
Jarlsberg's key lime pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + (Lime + Jarlsberg's key = Jarlsberg's key lime) 14-16 28-33 Mysteriousness 4 You get your key back after eating this.
Sneaky Pete's key lime pie (Gnollish pie tin + wad of dough = pie crust) + (Lime + Sneaky Pete's key = Sneaky Pete's key lime) 14-16 28-33 Smarm 4 You get your key back after eating this.
Goat cheese pizza (Wad of dough + tomato = plain pizza) + goat cheese 3-10 15-18 Chutzpah 3
Mushroom pizza (Wad of dough + tomato = plain pizza) + Knob mushroom 3-10 15-18 Enchantedness 3
Sausage pizza (Wad of dough + tomato = plain pizza) + Knob sausage 3-10 15-18 Muscleboundness 3
Catgut taco Taco shell + catgut 2-5 11-33 Strengthliness 2
Goat cheese taco Taco shell + goat cheese 2-5 11-33 Magicalness 2
Pr0n taco Taco shell + pr0n legs 2-5 11-33 Chutzpah 2
(See secret blend of herbs and spices for a list of basic stir-fries. More advanced recipes are listed below.)
Tofu stir-fry Asparagus stir-fry + wad of tofu 1-5 4-5 Strongness
4-6 Mysteriousness
Bat wing stir-fry Knob stir-fry + bat wing 6-14 27-30 Enchantedness 3
Pr0n stir-fry Olive stir-fry + pr0n legs 3-11 7-11 Strengthliness
8-12 Smarm
Rat appendix stir-fry Spooky stir-fry + rat appendix 7-14 27-30 Cheek 3
Knob sausage stir-fry Knoll stir-fry + Knob sausage 6-14 27-31 Muscleboundness 3
Long pork casserole Gnollish casserole dish + (long pork + black pepper = long pork chop sandwiches) 8-15 35-45 Mysteriousness 3
Fishy fish casserole Gnollish casserole dish + (dehydrated caviar + displaced fish = fishy fish) 8-15 35-45 Chutzpah 3
Gnatloaf casserole Gnollish casserole dish + (ancient spice + filet of tangy gnat ("fotelif") = gnatloaf) 8-15 35-45 Strengthliness 3
Wet stew Bird rib + lion oil 12-15 16-19 Strengthliness 6 Required for the Never Odd Or Even subquest.
Menudo Spices + catgut 2-7 14-18 Strengthliness 2
Bat haggis Spices + batgut 2-7 10-12 Wizardliness 2
Grue egg omelette Grue egg + spooky mushroom 21-27 35-45 Fortitude
35-45 Enchantedness
35-45 Roguishness
4 You only receive one grue egg per ascension.

Key lime pies

If you don't have Pastamastery, you can always farm for key lime pies (see the table above). Key lime pies give good adventures and substats, but you have to spend a little time gathering the ingredients you need.

To cook a key lime pie, you need the following:

Booze (6-11)

Open the Hippy Produce Stand! Once you do, you can drink the following:

Booze name Recipe Adventures
Substat gains Drunkenness
Shot of orange schnapps Fermenting powder + orange 2 3-5 Muscleboundness 1
Shot of grapefruit schnapps Fermenting powder + grapefruit 2 3-5 Wizardliness 1
Fine wine Fermenting powder + grapes 2 3-5 Sarcasm 1
Shot of tomato schnapps Fermenting powder + tomato 2 1-2 Fortitude
1-2 Enchantedness
1-2 Sarcasm

While 2:1 drinks (two adventures per one drunkenness) are not the best, these drinks are available in unlimited quantity (so long as you have the meat for the ingredients) and the substat gains aren't too bad when you consider how many individual drinks you'll have to have to get drunk.

Aside from Hippy Store shots, your best bet for steady booze is still Cocktailcrafting. You can continue to farm mixed drinks from the Barrels; additionally, now that the Hippy Store is open and you have access to fruits, you can mix your own drinks from fruits and from basic booze you find. The basic booze items are bottle of gin, bottle of rum, bottle of tequila, bottle of vodka, bottle of whiskey, and boxed wine. See Drinks By Ingredient#Drinks by basic booze to see what can be made from each basic booze item.

Are you a Disco Bandit? If so, you should get Advanced Cocktailcrafting at level 5. The skill allows you to summon three special mixing items per day (coconut shells, little paper umbrellas, and magical ice cubes) and create even better drinks with them. These drinks are better than most anything that you'll get otherwise!

Do I want a bartender-in-the-box? Unless you have Advanced Cocktailcrafting, no. The only fancy cocktailcrafting ingredients of note are those that can only be used by players with Advanced Cocktailcrafting, so a bartender is usually a waste of turns to collect and make.

High levels (12+)

Food (6-11)

Booze (6-11)