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If I do not comment my edits, it's probably because they're just generic standardization, and I'm too lazy to comment on 1300 items. slap me in the face because I should.

Alpaca is a wiki admin.

Alpaca is a spoilertastic forum mod.

Alpaca wrote his very own wiki extension. Happy happy joy joy. (Alpaca is very proud of this.)

Alpaca also wrote a Door Code Generator (for free!).

Alpaca just wants to finish finished! his second oxycore ascension.!!!!!!

Alpaca just got back to the wiki after a long absence. He has no major projects right now, but is just tidying, so He has taken on a masochistic project of recategorizing Category:Adventure pages as Category:Adventures pages, so please help him out!

So far done:

  • Weird numbers and stuff at beginning
  • A-L

NOTE: Project temporarily suspended due to unclarity about how best to go about it. Pitch in to the discussion! Project resumed!

In the interim, Alpaca's started finished to help go through the [[Category:Test|bad templating}} and fix it up. Though it'll probably have to happen again...

But if you'd like to throw some other project at him, go ahead!

Please note that Alpaca will be on Vacation from August 3rd until August 12th, and might not be able to pop in all that much is back from vacation! Yay!