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Agent Lex (#37596)

Enjoys reading plus signs, drinking out at the Gnomish micromicrobrewery, and long walks on the desert beach. Is looking for a female, level 4 to 8, with a good sense of humour, for good times and possibly more. If interested send a less-than-three-shaped box with your name and number to Player ID #37596.

Member of Noblesse Oblige, manager of the Kingdom-famous KoLopoly, and creator of several animated custom avatars. Currently out of avatar service, due to being lazy, but planning to get un-lazy soon. Promise. Also started organisation of KoLondon II, but soon handed it over to CheekyJez, Soulcake and SaskiaSalSoul.

Collecting 1337 7r0uZ0RZ, but since I'm in hardcore, just send 'em over in gift boxes. Largest known collection, last I checked, along with a collection of at least one of every type of pants in the game.