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ADeadHeart was a Radio KoL DJ from November 2005 to August 2010.

A member of Noblesse Oblige since May of that same year (2005), she reluctantly left them to spend some time in a clan of her own making (Monsters and Angels) in January of 2009. She returned to NO in May 2009.

(Her initial clan, Backwash, was made up of writers from a website that is no more. Penty (who may or may not still play) was her first clan leader. ADH also spent some time in Pier #11 before being invited to NO.)

45th Ascender, trophy collector and previously acknowledged on the Soft Core Leader Boards before returning to a less stringent playing style in October of 2005. She still works on trophies, tattoos and familiar collecting.

More information can be found on the Radio Wiki.