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Ut cottage quest.gif
Untinker.gif In the Untinker Quest, The Untinker needs you to help him retrieve a screwdriver that he lost at Degrassi Knoll.



The Untinker can now untinker (uncombine) any items that have been combined with meat paste. He is, however, unable to unsmith weapons, uncook food, unmix cocktails, or unmake jewelry. If you untinker an item, you do not get your meat paste back.


On initial visit:

"Hey, man -- is an adventurer you? I lost my screwdriver somewhere near Degrassi Knoll, but every time I try to get it back, the Gnolls punch me in the eye.
You look pretty tough, though -- do you think you could get it back for me?"

When you accept the quest:

"Thanks! I'll tell ya, I'm just lost without my screwdriver. Here, lemme mark the Knoll on your map."
New Area Unlocked
Knoll.gifDegrassi Knoll, in The Nearby Plains.

On subsequent visits:

"Have you had any luck finding my screwdriver? I lost it at Degrassi Knoll, you'll recall.

Upon completion:

"Hey! You found my screwdriver! Awesome! If there's anything I can untinker for you, by way of repayment, just let me know."

Zombie Slayer

On initial visit:

"Graaagh. Scruh. Scruhduhhh."
"I'm sorry, what?" you ask.
"Ssscrruuuuuudruuuhh. Gnaaaaah. Duhgaaah gnaaaaah."
"Oh, screwdriver? You lost your screwdriver at Degrassi Knoll?"

When you accept the quest:

"Okay," you say, "I'll go find your screwdriver for you."
"Guhhhh. Graaaaagh."
"Sure, no problem."

On subsequent visits:

"Oh hey," you say to the zombified Untinker, "where was it I was supposed to look for your screwdriver? I've forgotten."
"Oh right, Degrassi Knoll. Okay, I'll be right back."

Upon completion:

"Aaaarrrrrrgh!" the Untinker howls as you give him his screwdriver back. He shambles around the cottage, waving it in the air happily. "Graaaaagh!"
"Hey, it was my pleasure," you say.



  • The question "Is an adventurer you?", seen when the Untinker first issues the quest, is a reference to the game Pro Wrestling, which, in its ending, makes the statement, "Congratulations! A Winner Is You."
  • "Is an adventurer you?" could also be referring to the Kingdom of Loathing's own motto, "An adventurer is you!"