Unionize The Elves sign

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Unionize The Elves sign
Unionize The Elves sign

This is one of the protest signs being carried by the striking Crimbo Elves. They're apparently sick and tired of being forced to work in sweatshop-like conditions making toys for all of the lazy, unappreciative children of Loathing.

Type: weapon (1-handed club)
Damage: 5 - 10
Muscle Required: 10
Cannot be traded or discarded

Successful hit weakens opponent.

(In-game plural: Unionize The Elves signs)
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Item number: 1409
Description ID: 652518773
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2005)
Rudolph the Red (one-time drop)


  • on successful hit
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 1-3
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 1-3


  • When equipped, also changed the adventures in Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2005) from fighting elves to fighting Uncle Crimbo's reindeer.
  • After successfully fighting ten of Uncle Crimbo's reindeer, you became eligible for the Friend of Elves trophy.
  • After successfully fighting one hundred of Uncle Crimbo's reindeer, you became eligible for the Reindeer Hunter trophy.
  • Mr Skullhead had the Unionize The Elves sign equipped from December 20, 2005, resulting in players trying to find out how to get the item and testing (and disproving) various theories. The sign started dropping for regular players on December 26.

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