Unexplained Tremors

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On July 21st 2009, reports of strange earthquakes began popping up throughout the Kingdom, signaling the beginning of highly weird geological events to come.

Several days later, a large amount of magical dust was discovered to have been kicked into the atmosphere, reducing the MP cost for certain spells. Adventurers reported seeing strange monsters all over the Kingdom. Around this time, a strange gravity defying dust was found to be accumulating.

On July 28th, the magical debris in the air had gotten noticeably thicker. Reports of even weirder monsters left adventurers wondering if perhaps the Typical Tavern's swill had been mixed with agua de vida. The rock monsters appeared less frequently, although a new, attractive item had the power to change that situation.

A couple days later, Mr. Store became the home of an even weirder monster yet, thus proving to people that there was indeed "nothing to worry about", as everyone kept being assured.

On August 5th, the debris levels had risen to their peak. Whisperings of stranger monsters still began to circulate. Floaty sand could be aggregated into several coarser forms, and another new rock related familiar appeared, further reassuring players that there was absolutely nothing of importance happening.

Then on August 25th, an update was posted saying the ground seemed to gotten angry. A new, angrier monster appeared and an option to escape the horrifying rocky picture show was offered to those who could defeat him.

On September 10th, with a thunderous whimper, the tremors ceased.

Mystical Dust

The tremors kicked up mystical dust that reduced the MP costs of higher-level Pastamancer and Sauceror combat spells.

Skill Original
MP Cost
July 23rd July 28th July 30th August 5th Total Reduction
Saucestorm 12 12 12 12 10 -2 MP
Wave of Sauce 23 21 18 18 16 -7 MP
Saucegeyser 40 36 32 32 28 -12 MP
Cannelloni Cannon 7 7 7 7 6 -1 MP
Stuffed Mortar Shell 19 17 15 15 13 -6 MP
Weapon of the Pastalord 35 31 28 28 24 -11 MP
Fearful Fettucini 35 35 35 28 24 -11 MP


  • Fearful Fettucini did not have its cost reduced initially due to an oversight, and on July 30th had its cost reduced to match Weapon of the Pastalord.
  • On July 28, the moxie magnet was marked as a meat-pastable item. This coincided with the change in rock monster encounter rate.

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