Underworld Body Shop

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Underworld Body Shop
Jackaldemon.gifLookin' to class up that corporeal body of yours, effendi? I've got just what you need.
You have X Ka Coins.
Item: Price:
Stomach.gif Replacement Stomach Kacoin.gif 30
Liver.gif Replacement Liver Kacoin.gif 30
Woim.gif Extra Spleen Kacoin.gif 5
Woim.gif Another Extra Spleen Kacoin.gif 10
Woim.gif Yet Another Extra Spleen Kacoin.gif 15
Woim.gif Still Another Extra Spleen Kacoin.gif 20
Woim.gif Just One More Extra Spleen Kacoin.gif 25
Woim.gif Okay Seriously, This is the Last Spleen Kacoin.gif 30
Edlegs.gif Upgraded Legs Kacoin.gif 10
Edlegs.gif More Legs Kacoin.gif 20
Edarms.gif Upgraded Arms Kacoin.gif 20
Clspine.gif Upgraded Spine Kacoin.gif 20
Hskin.gif Tougher Skin Kacoin.gif 10
Chitinpod.gif Armor Plating Kacoin.gif 10
Spikebone.gif Bone Spikes Kacoin.gif 20
Spine.gif Arm Blade Kacoin.gif 20
Chocscarab.gif Healing Scarabs Kacoin.gif 10
Henna.gif Elemental Wards Kacoin.gif 10
Henna.gif More Elemental Wards Kacoin.gif 20
Henna.gif Even More Elemental Wards Kacoin.gif 30

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Occurs at The Underworld.


  • After clicking purchase:
    You undergo some body augmentation.
    SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
  • Attempting to make a purchase you cannot afford:
    You don't have enough Ka Coins.