Underground Record Store

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Secrobot.gif The robot in this store is just as impassive as the one in the electronics supply store, but this one's wearing a T-shirt for a band you've never herd of, so it comes across as cool and aloof instead of just bad at its job.
Item: (click for description) Price:
Record.gif Drunk Uncles holo-record Meat.gif 1,000
Record.gif EMD holo-record Meat.gif 300
Record.gif Lucky Strikes holo-record Meat.gif 300
Record.gif The Pigs holo-record Meat.gif 1,000
If you have a Trick-or-Treating Tot, the following are added:
Totstume9.gif li'l liberty costume Meat.gif 1,000
Totstume2.gif li'l unicorn costume Meat.gif 1,000

Occurs on level 7 of Your Fallout Shelter in the Nuclear Autumn path.


  • This level is unlocked prior to freeing the king and ascending.