Underground Fireworks Shop

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Clan Underground Fireworks Shop

A Clan Underground Fireworks Shop may be installed in your Clan VIP Lounge by using a clan underground fireworks shop, which is bought from Mr. Store for 3 Mr. Accessories.

Using the Fireworks Shop

A Furtive Fireworks Fellow A Furtive Fireworks Fellow
Item: Price:
— Combat Explosives —
M80.gif Arr, M80 100 Meat
Firecrackers.gif fire crackers 100 Meat
Fwrocket2.gif blue rocket 250 Meat
Fwrocket1.gif red rocket 250 Meat
Fwrocket3.gif yellow rocket 250 Meat
— Dangerous Hats (1/Day) —
Fwhat3.gif fedora-mounted fountain 500 Meat
Fwhat1.gif porkpie-mounted popper 500 Meat
Fwhat2.gif sombrero-mounted sparkler 500 Meat
— Explosive Equipment (1/Day) —
Catherinewheel.gif Catherine Wheel 1,000 Meat
Bigsparkler.gif oversized sparkler 1,000 Meat
Rocketboot.gif rocket boots 1,000 Meat


Category Item Effect Notes
Combat item M80.gif
Arr, M80
10-90 Hot Damage
Creates pirate items
fire crackers
(is also a food item)
40-60 Hot Damage When eaten, gives:

3 Adv / 5-15 to each substat / 1 full

Firecrackers.gif Fire cracked (20)
(+20 Stats Per Fight)

blue rocket
Fwrocket2.gif Glowing Blue (10)
(Regenerate 1000 MP per Adventure)
Also gives:

Eyes.gif Everything Looks Blue (101)
(prevents using blue rocket)

red rocket
Fwrocket1.gif Ready to Eat (99)
(5× substat gained from next food eaten)
Also gives:

Eyes.gif Everything Looks Red (100)
(prevents using red rocket)

yellow rocket
Yellow rays opponent Also gives:

Eyes.gif Everything Looks Yellow (75)
(prevents using yellow rocket)

fedora-mounted fountain
+20 Monster Level
+20 Hot Damage
+10 Damage to Hot Spells
Deals ? hot damage to you each round
porkpie-mounted popper
-5% Combat Frequency
+20 Hot Damage
+20 Damage to Hot Spells
sombrero-mounted sparkler
+5% Combat Frequency
+10 Hot Damage
+20 Damage to Hot Spells
Catherine Wheel
(back item)
All Attributes +20%
+3 Stat(s) Per Fight
oversized sparkler
(1-handed club)
Damage: 15-30
All Attributes +20%
+20% Item Drops from Monsters
rocket boots
All Attributes +20%
Combat Initiative +100%


  • All hats and equipment will disappear at the end of the day.