Uncle Crimbo's Futuristic Trailer

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Crimboku.gif Uncle Crimboku
  • On initial visit:

"Ohio-gozaymasu! Welcome to CrimbokuTown, the most KAWAIII place on earth! As you can see, I've got a new work force this Crimbo, and they're doing a bang-up job!

"Okay, actually, things aren't going that great. I tried to keep the regular Crimbo elves on staff, but they had a huge argument with the animelfs about whether cartoons are better dubbed or subtitled, and all the Crimbo elves left. The new guys are producing a lot of raw materials, but barely any toys. They demand time off for morning exercises and afternoon laughing lessons, I kid you not.

"Do you think you can go in there and see what's going on? If you find any spare parts we can make some toys without 'em, too. Arigato!"

  • On subsequent visits:

"Ah-ha! We can build some toys now, ne? Here's what I can make:"

  • After gaining access to, but before defeating MechaElf:

"Listen, kid, ordinarily I'd be more than happy to sit here on my thumb making toys for you, but in case you haven't noticed, there's a giant robot flying around the Kingdom! Maybe you should actually use the robot we built to take it out, huh?"

  • After defeating MechaElf:

"Great job, kid! You saved Crimbo once again. I mean, I helped, so that's gotta count for something, right?

"Anyway, look, there are still some animelfs in the Toy Factory, and they're not thrilled that I'm rehiring the Crimbo elves. Maybe you could help me clear 'em out? I can still make some toys for you if you find some good parts in there."

  • After Crimbo town was removed:

"Ho-ho! Though Crimbo Town is gone I have decided to remain to continue to assemble toys for you, ne? Here is what I can make ha ha!"

Item: Price:
Bubblewrap4.gifbubble-wrap simulator Plasticbit.gif 4 Elecbit.gif 1
Toycapsure.gifblind-packed capsule toy Plasticbit.gif 7 Elecbit.gif 3
Unihorn.gifbrainwave-controlled unicorn horn Plasticbit.gif 70 Elecbit.gif 50
Dulcimerpants.gifelectronic dulcimer pants Plasticbit.gif 20 Elecbit.gif 80
Frownexerciser.gifFrown Exerciser Plasticbit.gif 50 Elecbit.gif 10
Bittycar.gifBittyCar HotCar Plasticbit.gif 100 Elecbit.gif 150
Bittycar.gifBittyCar SoulCar Plasticbit.gif 200 Elecbit.gif 300
Bittycar.gifBittyCar MeatCar Plasticbit.gif 400 Elecbit.gif 600
Chibibuddy.gifChibiBuddy™ (off) Plasticbit.gif 1,100 Elecbit.gif 1,400
You have:
Plasticbit.gif X plastic ingots
Elecbit.gif Y electrical thingamabobs


  • When you try to buy something without selecting anything:
That isn't a thing that's sold here.
  • When you try to buy something without having enough ingots or thingamabobs:
You don't have enough electrical thingamabobs for that transaction.
You don't have enough plastic ingots for that transaction.


  • In Japanese, the expression meaning "good day", pronounced like the name of the state of Ohio, is actually spelled "ohayou" in romaji, being おはよう in hiragana.