Unbreakable umbrella

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unbreakable umbrella
unbreakable umbrella

This umbrella is broken in a way that upsets everybody else just as much as it upsets you.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded

Maximum HP/MP +25
All Attributes +25%
Combat Initiative +25%
+25% Meat from Monsters
+25% Monster Level
Can alter final enchantment by reconfiguring umbrella

(In-game plural: unbreakable umbrellas)
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Item number: 10899
Description ID: 712482724
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Obtained From

undamaged Unbreakable Umbrella


  • +25 percent Monster Level increases the base stats of monsters as well as your bonus +ML, effectively increasing stat gains from combat by about 25%.
    • This also means that you will be able to encounter oil cartels at +80 ML.
    • However, scaling monsters are still subject to their caps. The umbrella will not allow a Neverending Party monster to exceed 20,000 attack and defense.
    • This does not apply to ML from Slime Hates It nor does it apply to 400 ML progress each slime gives.
  • The umbrella will always have the following enchantments: +25 to maximum HP and MP, +25% to all attributes, +25% Combat Initiative, and +25% Meat from monsters. You can change the umbrella's configuration to choose a fifth enchantment:
  • Allows you to ride the updraft in The Fast and the Furry-ous when equipped, unlocking the Ground Floor of The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky when selecting "Crawl Through the Heating Duct".
Choice Configuration Description Enchantment
Splay it Unbrella7.gif broken This umbrella is broken in a way that upsets everybody else just as much as it upsets you. +25% increase in Monster Level
Face it forward Unbrella3.gif forward-facing You're holding your umbrella forward. If it starts raining horizontally, you're all set. +25 Damage Reduction, and the umbrella counts as a shield
Invert it Unbrella5.gif bucket style You're using your umbrella to catch stuff that would otherwise fall into the gutter and get washed away by the rain. +25% Item Drops from monsters
Hyperextend it Unbrella8.gif pitchfork style Your umbrella is configured such that you can jab multiple people with at once, if you can get them to stand in a little circle. +25 Weapon Damage
Twirl it Unbrella6.gif constant twirl You're constantly spinning your unbreakable umbrella in a way that generates a bunch of static electricity. Lightning dances around the little exposed metal tips. +25 Spell Damage
Close it, but with you inside Unbrella1.gif cocoon You're hiding inside your unbreakable umbrella. Assuming you've got it equipped, I mean. If it's in this form in your inventory, you can't tell what's hiding in there. -10% combat
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    Looks like rain, don't forget your umbrella!
    Unbrella1.gifYou acquire an item: unbreakable umbrella



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