Two Birds

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Two Birds
Two Birds

A pair of blurry orioles lands near you, coalesces into a single oriole (one that you recognize!) and speaks:

"Hey ho, Adventurer!

It looks like you've had a little bit too much to drink! I'm sure you've noticed that once you got this drunk, bad things started happening when you tried to go on Adventures.

This is the universe telling you to take it easy."

Yeah, well you can tell the -hic- universh to -hic-

Occurs during Drunken Stupor, third adventure there per account.


  • Reduces your drunkenness by exactly enough to not be overdrunk.


  • This adventure name, along with One Bucket, is a reference to the old saying 'killing two birds with one stone'
  • It's also a reference to an effect experienced by drunk people in real life. The person's eyes will typically fail to co-ordinate, causing one to see double images. In this case, two orioles.
  • Furthermore, the combination of "Two Birds" and "One Bucket" is a reference to the infamous shock video "2 Girls 1 Cup".