Twitching time capsule

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twitching time capsule
twitching time capsule

This is a sealed metal capsule labeled "Time Capsule: Do not open until illegible smudge." It actually says that, in that color and everything.

This must be a time capsule left by smartass weirdos.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: twitching time capsules)
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Item number: 7579
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Obtained From

The Cave Before Time
Time Cave. Period.

When Used

You can't figure out how to open the time capsule, so you just bang it against a rock until it breaks open. Some coins and some dust fall out.
Chroner.gifYou acquire 4-5 Chroner
As you try to figure out how to open the capsule, your belt beeps and a small whirring blade pops out of one of the little compartments and opens it for you. Thanks, belt!
Potion1.gifYou acquire an item: liquid shifting time weirdness
Chroner.gifYou acquire 4-5 Chroner


Confused.gifYou acquire an item: solid shifting time weirdness
Chroner.gifYou acquire 4-5 Chroner



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