Twitch Livestream World Event IV

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Twitch Livestream World Event IV
Twitch Livestream World Event IV

The fourth Twitch Livestream World Event took place on August 24, 2014 (Dougtember 7, Year 44).

During this event, to follow the Ancient Rome theme chosen during the previous Twitch livestream, the third tier of The Time-Twitching Tower was created, containing The Roman Forum and The Chariot-Racing Colosseum.
In the Colosseum, players could bet their Chroners on chariot races that were announced every full and half hour by Biggus Announcus in the newly introduced /twitch chat channel that allowed players to talk about the event while the content was active.
In the Roman Forum players could battle... Gladiators of different kinds and all combat text was displayed in Times New Roman.

No new shop was introduced, in order to give players who missed some of the previous events the chance to get the items they wanted from the shops introduced during events II and III.

During this event, there was no competition for Time Lords and Time Bandits.


Players were allowed to vote on which monsters they wanted to see in each zone. Each person was allowed three votes per zone.

The choices for The Roman Forum were:

At the end, players were given choices for the next theme to be livestreamed. Apocalyptic Future was the winner.

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Twitch Livestream World Event IV