Twitch Livestream World Event II

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Twitch Livestream World Event
Twitch Livestream World Event II

The second Twitch Livestream World Event took place on June 22, 2014 (April 8, Year 44).

During this event, the first tier of The Time-Twitching Tower was created, containing Voting / Phone Booth, The Cave Before Time, The Neandermall and a A Cave although Jick ran out of time to implement A Cave.

During this event, Time Lords and Time Bandits competed to see who could kill more Adventurer echos.


Players were allowed to vote on the names of their teams and the theme for the zone and which monsters they wanted to see in the zone.

The enemy choices for The Cave Before Time were:

  • caveperson -- complete with a randomly-generated name and job.
  • droll -- evolutionary ancestor of the modern troll, attacks with insufferable puns.
  • sabre-toothed kiwi -- the ancient, furry precursor to the modern day lime
  • steel wooly mammoth -- it will clean your sink and them trample it.
  • pterodactyl -- all of its attacks are written in dactyls. Venomous! Dangerous!
  • fresh fossil -- basically just a muddy skeleton.

At the end, players were given choices for the next theme to be livestreamed. Roaring 20s was the winner.

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Twitch Livestream World Event II