Tuxedo shirt

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tuxedo shirt
tuxedo shirt

This is a hunk of penguin skin that has been sewn into a clever imitation of a tuxedo, just in case you wanted to give your prom date a reason to never, ever speak to you again.

Type: shirt
Power: 100
Muscle Required: 35
Selling Price: 105 Meat.

Moxie +7

(In-game plural: tuxedo shirts)
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Item number: 2489
Description ID: 349096888
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Hatpants.gif shirt kit penguin skin
Equals.gif tuxedo shirt



  • Wearing the tuxedo shirt and getting a bonus to Adventures from martinis might be a reference to James Bond, who almost always orders a dry martini, "shaken not stirred". Despite this, it gives no bonus to the Vesper.

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