Turtle voicebox

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turtle voicebox
turtle voicebox

This is the module that provides the voice for an animatronic turtle. It only has one button on it, because turtles don't talk much.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 35 Meat.
Effect: Song of the Southern Turtle (15 Adventures)Helps you tame turtles

(In-game plural: turtle voiceboxes)
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Item number: 8230
Description ID: 485498068
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Obtained From

Uncle Gator's Country Fun-Time Liquid Waste Sluice
Gurgle the Turgle

When Used

You turn the crank on the voicebox and listen to the song. It's catchy, but boy oh boy is it not the kind of song you could play on the radio today.
Turtle.gifYou acquire an effect: Song of the Southern Turtle
(duration: 15 Adventures)


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