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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

This page is meant as an archive of the old Turtle Taming page prior to the July 16, 2014 update. See that page for current information.

Turtle Tamers have the ability to find and tame various turtles, which in turn provide items, familiars and buffs. The Eau de Tortue effect is always required to find a turtle in a zone. Higher level turtles also require a turtling rod or Flail of the Seven Aspects equipped and possibly a Grinning Turtle or Syncopated Turtle as your active familiar.

  • Finding a turtle does not consume an adventure.
  • You can only find one turtle for every dose of turtle pheromones.
  • If you have a Garter of the Turtle Poacher (not necessarily equipped), the pheromones will give you 5 turns of Eau de Tortue, and the turtle will appear after 2 to 4 turns have been spent (that is, with 1 to 3 turns of the effect remaining).
  • Without the Garter, the turtle will appear after 0 to 7 turns have been spent (that is, with 3 to 10 turns of the effect remaining).
  • If you are not properly equipped for taming at the moment when the turtle would have appeared, you miss the turtle.
  • The Eau de Tortue effect cannot be removed (except by ascending), to prevent taming more than one turtle every 5 or 10 turns.
  • Clover Adventures do not override taming, but some Wandering monsters may.
  • Adventures lower than what you are capable of will still occur. For example, you can still get a blue shell with a turtling rod in your hand.

Low Level Turtles

Turtle Location Adventure Use
ancient turtle shell
The Limerick Dungeon Nantucket Snapper Ancientshelm.gif
ancient turtle shell helmet
ancient turtle shell powder
blue shell
8-Bit Realm (a.k.a. The Inexplicable Door) Blue Monday Pixel5.gif
blue pixel (1-3)
white pixel (1-3)
bottlecap turtle
A Battlefield (in disguise or not) Capital! Capturban.gif
bubblewrap bottlecap turtleban
box turtle
The "Fun" House Boxed In Cardboardshield.gif
cardboard box turtle
furry green turtle
The Degrassi Knoll
(Restroom, Bakery, Gym, and Garage)
A Rolling Turtle Gathers No Moss Earmuffs.gif
furry green earmuffs
knobby helmet turtle
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob C'mere, Little Fella Knobpads.gif
knobby kneepads
samurai turtle
The Haiku Dungeon Turtle in peril Samuraiturtle.gif
samurai turtle helmet
sewer turtle
The Sleazy Back Alley No Man, No Hole Sebashield.gif
sebaceous shield
The Haunted Conservatory Turtles of the Universe Furryunderpants.gif
reinforced furry underpants
sleeping wereturtle
The Spooky Forest
Sleeping wereturtles have a limit of 1-3 per ascension.
O Turtle Were Art Thou Familiar
soup turtle
The Haunted Pantry Kick the Can Soupchucks.gif
South of The Border Jewel in the Rough Torqring.gif
torquoise ring
turtle wax

The Arrrboretum, Batrat and Ratbat Burrow, Beanbat Chamber, The Boss Bat's Lair, The Bugbear Pens, Cobb's Knob Kitchens, Cobb's Knob Treasury, The Dire Warren, Drunken Stupor, Entryway, Guano Junction, Harem, The Haunted Billiards Room, The Haunted Kitchen, The Hidden Temple, An Incredibly Strange Place (Bad Trip), The Misspelled Cemetary (Pre-Cyrpt), The Mouldering Mansion, Mt. Molehill, A Large Chamber (Nemesis Cave), Noob Cave, Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp, St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor, The Poker Room, The Rogue Windmill, The Roulette Tables, The Stately Pleasure Dome, Tower Ruins, A Yuletide Bonfire

Puttin' it on Wax Waxshield.gif
turtle wax shield
turtle wax helmet
turtle wax greaves

Mid Level Turtles

All turtles in this tier require you to have a turtling rod or Flail of the Seven Aspects equipped.

Turtle Location Adventure Use
dueling turtle
Whitey's Grove Duel Nature Duelingbanjo.gif
dueling banjo
grinning turtle
Orcish Frat House
Grinning turtles have a limit of 3 per ascension.
The Horror... Familiar
padded tortoise
Barrrney's Barrr Like That Time in Tortuga Shield
snailmail bits (2-4)
The Outer Compound Allow 6-8 Weeks For Delivery Chaincoif.gif
snailmail coif
snailmail breeches
snailmail hauberk
syncopated turtle
The Hippy Camp
Syncopated turtles have a limit of 3 per ascension.
Turtles All The Way Around Familiar
The eXtreme Slope More eXtreme Than Usual Tortoshield.gif
tortoboggan shield
turtlemail bits (3-5)
A-boo Peak, Camp Logging Camp, Cobb's Knob Laboratory, The Dark Elbow of the Woods, The Dark Heart of the Woods, The Dark Neck of the Woods, The Defiled Alcove, The Defiled Cranny, The Defiled Niche, The Dungeons of Doom, The Enormous Greater-Than Sign, The Goatlet, The Haunted Library, The Haunted Ballroom, The Haunted Bathroom, The Haunted Bedroom, The Haunted Storage Room, The Haunted Nursery, The Haunted Laboratory, An Incredibly Strange Place (Mediocre Trip), Itznotyerzitz Mine, The Knob Shaft, Lair of the Ninja Snowmen, Menagerie Level 1, Menagerie Level 2, Menagerie Level 3, The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt), The Obligatory Pirate's Cove, Oil Peak, The Road to the White Citadel, The Spooky Gravy Barrow, Pandamonium Slums, Thugnderdome, Twin Peak, The Valley of Rof L'm Fao Never Break the Chain Chaincoif.gif
turtlemail coif
turtlemail breeches
turtlemail hauberk

High Level Turtles

All turtles in this tier require you to have a turtling rod or Flail of the Seven Aspects equipped and to have a Grinning Turtle or Syncopated Turtle as your active familiar.

Turtle Location Adventure Use
ballast turtle
The Sea (Any zone) (also requires the fishy effect)
Can only acquire 3 per day.
Silent Strolling Oxyblood.gif
Oxygenated Blood
(20 Adv)
boxcar turtle
The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground, Burnbarrel Blvd., Exposure Esplanade, The Heap, Hobopolis Town Square, A Maze of Sewer Tunnels, The Purple Light District (all the zones of Hobopolis) Training Day several other tamed turtles
10 of a random item
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert (Unhydrated), The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert (Ultrahydrated), The Back 40, The Barn, The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues), The Battlefield (War Hippy Fatigues), Belowdecks, The Black Forest, The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky, El Vibrato Island, The F'c'le, The Feeding Chamber, The Guards' Chamber, The Hatching Chamber, The Hippy Camp (Bombed Back to the Stone Age), The Hidden City, The Hippy Camp (Verge of War), The Hole in the Sky, The Icy Peak, An Incredibly Strange Place (Great Trip), The Junkyard (Post-War), McMillicancuddy's Farm (Post-War), The Middle Chamber, The Mine Foremens' Office, Near an Abandoned Refrigerator, Next to that Barrel with Something Burning in it, An Oasis, The Orcish Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age), Orcish Frat House (Verge of War), The Other Back 40, Out By that Rusted-Out Car, Over Where the Old Tires Are, The Palindome, The Penultimate Fantasy Airship, The Pond, The Poop Deck, The Queen's Chamber, Ruins, Sonofa Beach, The Themthar Hills, The Upper Chamber, Wine Racks Don't Be Alarmed, Now Hedgeturtle.gif
spiky turtle helmet
spiky turtle shield
spiky turtle shoulderpads
painted turtle
The Haunted Gallery Cleansing your Palette Paintedshield.gif
painted shield