Trousers of the white knight

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trousers of the white knight
trousers of the white knight

This is a white plastic pair of pants, generally worn by the knights who do constant, chess-based battle down the rabbit hole. Why does a chess-playing knight need trousers? To cover his zugzwang, of course!

Type: pants
Power: 60
Moxie Required: 15
Outfit: Knight's Armor
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 150 Meat.
Gift Item

All Attributes +3
Maximum HP/MP +15

(In-game plural: pairs of trousers of the white knight)
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Item number: 4540
Description ID: 889966720
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Obtained From

The Tweedleporium (30,000 Meat)


  • A Zugzwang is a chess term referring to a rare type of position in which every legal move a player could make would put him in a worse position.

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