Trophy Hut

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Trophy Hut

The Trophy Hut is located in Bordertown. The Trophy Maker in the Trophy Hut makes trophies for people. Once you've earned a trophy, you can pay him 10,000 Meat to have the trophy installed in the Trophy Case in your campsite.

Trophy Maker Howdy, Adventurer, and welcome to Trophy Hut! I'm the Trophy Maker. As you may have gleaned from my title, I make trophies for people. People who deserve them.

Trophy.gif You're entitled to the "[name]" Trophy, for [requirement].

It costs 10,000 Meat to have a trophy installed at your campsite, but once it's there, the whole world can see it and recognize how cool you are!

Purchase Trophy (10,000 Meat)


  • If there aren't any trophies you've earned, then the following message will be displayed instead:
You're not currently entitled to any trophies.
The Trophy Maker is nowhere to be found, but a variety of trophies are still displayed on the shelves. I guess neither zombies nor looters are particularly interested in them.
  • If there aren't any trophies you've earned:
You look around, but don't see any trophies that seem to apply to you.
  • If there are any trophies you've earned:
You consider picking up a trophy to display at your campsite. The Trophy Maker usually charges 10,000 meat for them; you figure you could probably just leave it in the register.


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