Trivia Master

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Trivia Master

Trivia Master

People call you a know-it-all, but they don't know the half of it -- you literally know it all.

Muscle +100%
Mysticality +100%
Moxie +100%

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Effect number: 990
Description ID: 7708ec6dfa757a3d3be799743135b566
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Obtained From


  • On obtaining this effect, you will lose all turns of You Know What's Up, You Know When to Walk Away, You Know Where to Go, and You Know Who to Call. Therefore, if you want to gain more than 30 turns of this effect, you should cycle through individual cards, that is, use each card once, then use each card again, until done. If you use all of your What? cards, then all of your When? cards, then all of your Where? cards, when you use your first Who? card you will lose all turns of the other three effects and only have 30 turns of Trivia Master.

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