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Just inside the Haunted Pantry, you discover a Knob Goblin Assistant Chef rummaging through the shelves, looking for cooking ingredients and magical reagents.

He doesn't seem to have noticed you yet. What would you like to do?

Tackle him

You leap out of hiding and knock the Assistant Chef to the ground. He get up, brushes himself off, whirls to face you, and charges.

Knob Goblin Assistant Chef This monster is a Goblin -- (edit metadata)
Kg asstchef.gif

Challenge him to a magical duel

You tap the Chef on the shoulder and challenge him to a duel. Before he can even raise his hands to start casting a spell, you pretty much vaporize him.

It's good magic practice, and you think you even managed to absorb some of his Magicalness by inhaling the fumes.

You gain 6-8 Wizardliness.
  • Otherwise:

You tap the Chef on the shoulder and challenge him to a duel. Before you can even raise your hands, he casts a spell that pretty much knocks you on your ass.

You manage to absorb a small amount of magical potential through your wounds, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

You gain 4 Enchantedness.
HPYou lose 2 hit points.

Wait and see what happens

As you watch, the Assistant Chef gets attacked by a possessed can of asparagus. The fight goes on for several minutes, but the Chef is eventually defeated.

As the can stands gloating over the prone goblin, there is suddenly a tremendous explosion of magical force -- looks like that Chef had some sort of Predator-style self-destruct mechanism.

You wander around and pick up all of the debris scattered by the explosion.

Knife.gifYou acquire an item: asparagus knife
Chefhat.gifYou acquire an item: chef's hat
Spraycan.gifYou acquire an item: magicalness-in-a-can
Canlid.gifYou acquire an item: razor-sharp can lid
Stalk.gifYou acquire an item: stalk of asparagus

Occurs in The Haunted Pantry.


  • You will receive 1-5 items from the third option.


  • "Some sort of Predator-style self-destruct mechanism" is a reference to the movie, Predator.