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You are standing at the base of the tallest tree in the Dreadsylvanian Forest.

Stand near the base looking upward
You move closer to the top of the tree and crane your neck.

Stand near the base looking downward
You look down at the roots of the tree, and nested between two of them, you find a cool-looking seed pod thing.
Dv seedpod.gifYou acquire an item: Dreadsylvanian seed pod

Investigate the hole
You reach into the hole to grab the eyes, but it turns out they're just printed on a cool folder.
Folder1.gifYou acquire an item: folder (owl)

(More than 1/instance is available. May be 10/instance, unlimited, or some other limit. You must have the Over-the-shoulder Folder Holder equipped to receive this choice)

Abandon the base
This base is ace, but it gets boring after a while. You back away from it.

Occurs in The Tallest Tree in the Forest, in Dreadsylvanian Woods.