Toy jet pack

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toy jet pack
toy jet pack

This thing straps onto your back, like a knapsack. It then enables you to hover several feet above the ground, quite unlike a knapsack. It's of the "concentric rings of energy" build rather than the "gouts of flame" build, so at least it won't singe your butt when you go flying.

Type: back item
Mysticality Required: 75
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

Jane! Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: toy jet packs)
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Item number: 2172
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Crimborg2-30px.gif ion grid logic synthesizer carbon nanotube frame ion grid  
Crimborg2-30px.gif ion-pulse modulation stabilizer reverse-oscillating klystron high-resistance ultrapolymer plating
Equals.gif toy jet pack


  • The enchantment doesn't actually do anything.



  • The name of the enchantment is based on a quote from the closing credits of the original series of the animated cartoon The Jetsons, where George Jetson frantically runs on a treadmill-gone-wild and shouts "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" to his wife.
  • The "rings of concentric energy" and "gouts of flame" lines are a reference to Lore Sjöberg's Book of Ratings column, "Aspects of the Future circa 1953", in which he says, "I think the ideal jet pack has gouts of flame spurting out the back, but concentric circles of some unidentified energy would be okay too."
  • The "rings of concentric energy" are also a Jetsons reference (as per the intrinsic effect), in that jet packs are powered by concentric rings of energy.
  • Also also, jetpacks are usually depicted as being propelled by either of the mentioned systems.


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