Toot Oriole

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This article is about the player. For the in-game NPC, see The Toot Oriole.
Toot Oriole Toot Oriole (#7007)
Level 20
Helpful Bird (NPC)

Toot Oriole (#7007), the Level 20 Helpful Bird (NPC), is an official ingame character endorsed by the game admins (of course, he's the same Toot Oriole that gives us our first quest). It seems he's here to help us further than he usually did as newbies, answering messages with a haiku. The Toot Oriole used to keep the golden twigs he received from the (former) introductory quests in his Display Case, but he has since taken them out.

Occasionally, in chat, he responds to gibberish by saying:

Each time you get banned / Toot looses a feather / Don't make Toot be cold

or, on other occasions,

Newbie is so kind / It is Toot's favorite chat / Sweet sweet newbie love