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There are a variety of tools that automate, simplify, reproduce, and/or add functionality to the Kingdom of Loathing.

Advanced User Interfaces

These tools are freestanding and run outside the normal browser security sandbox, which allows for more powerful features such as logging your ascensions and automated adventuring.


  • Provides an improved web browser interface, a graphical window interface, and a textual command-line interface as alternatives for playing KoL.
  • Has many many features, with various functionality for every part of KoL, and a large scripting community. You can obtain many useful scripts from Loathers.
  • Is a cross-platform desktop interface to KoL, written by holatuwol and others.
  • Open Source with code available to build, edit or inspect in a GitHub repository.
  • Is written in Java and requires Java Development Kit (JDK) 11 or newer to run.
  • JDK 17 is supported and recommended.
  • Can be scripted using KoLmafia's own ASH scripting language.
  • Forum thread is located here.
  • Availability:
    • The latest versions are available here.
    • The latest release on GitHub has packaged builds including a JRE for Windows (.exe), MacOS (.dmg), and Debian (.deb)


  • No longer maintained
  • Enhances the web browser interface for playing KoL. Built to provide better support for ascension and automation, without surprises or gotchas.
  • Focused on helping players ascend better (suitable for newbies to #1 leaderboarders depending on settings), and automating entire quests or ascensions. Limited support for non-ascension-relevant content.
  • Can be scripted using Lua, a popular programming language for video games. (Kolproxy's features are also implemented as Lua scripts.)
  • Forum thread is located here.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux (and as source code).
  • The latest version and more information is available at and the kolproxy wiki.

Support for using both KoLmafia and kolproxy in the same session is limited, and requires recompiling KoLmafia yourself with a compatibility patch. Usually players using both instead log off/on again to switch between the two depending on what they're doing.

Scripts & Scriptlets

Scripts/Scriptlets directly affect and/or enhance the functionality of the standard KoL web browser interface.

They are commonly implemented in JavaScript, a browser/client scripting language, but are sometimes dynamically generated by PHP or some other server scripting language.

Scriptlets are usually run by entering "javascript:SCRIPT" in the address bar of a web browser. They can also be bookmarked for easier use. Some scriptlets are browser-dependent.

  • Ohayou has written a multitude of handy scriptlets. His Repeat Action Scriptlet has been revised in this forum thread. Also popular is his UI improvements script, which not only logs and displays his item effect logging scriptlet, but also combines a variety of his other scriptlets.

Greasemonkey User Scripts

Greasemonkey is an extension for the Firefox web browser that provides a framework for user scripts to be written to automatically be invoked when you visit a particular page.

In-depth instructions on using Greasemonkey are available at this forum post, courtesy of Aprocalypse.

The following scripts all require Greasemonkey.

  • Tard created a multitude of various scripts, from an arena trainer to spoiler/helper scripts, that can automatically inform you of updates when using his Framework script. These scripts were updated and maintained by SomeStranger until 2008 at his user scripts page. Currently, several of them are updated and maintained by Hellion at his user scripts page.
  • Numfar has authored a monster stat, wiki-linking, and bang potion script, which are available at his user scripts page.
  • DaCyclops provides a number of small helpful scripts, including one that counts visible trophies and one that shows the moon sign effects after ascending, at his user scripts page.

For a more complete list, see the list of Greasemonkey scripts.


Stylus is a replacement for the old Stylish extension that is similar to Greasemonkey, but is more visual than functional in nature. KoL Stylish scripts include one that labels chat mods and one that colorizes a menu to highlight HP and MP Restorers. Chrome and Opera versions of the extension also exist.

For more information, see the Stylus website and a list of KoL Stylish scripts.

Web-Based Tools

There are some tools to assist with gameplay that are accessed by a standard web browser. Typically, you type or cut-and-paste information into them:

Offline Tools

In addition to many online resources, there are also some tools for offline use.

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