Tiny stillsuit

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tiny stillsuit
tiny stillsuit

This is a tiny little stillsuit for your familiars. Put it on them, watch them sweat, and then drink it! Yep.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: any
Cannot be traded or discarded

+5 to Familiar Weight
+1 Familiar Experience Per Combat
+10 to Familiar Damage
Collect and distill your familiar's sweat into booze!
(Even in your terrarium!)

(In-game plural: tiny stillsuits)
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Item number: 10932
Description ID: 957101431
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Obtained From

unopened tiny stillsuit


  • This item was tradable for a short time after launching.
  • After-combat messages:
    • If your current familiar is wearing the stillsuit:
      •  %familiarname% really worked up a sweat!
      •  %familiarname%'s stillsuit swells as sweat gushes into it.
      • Sweat pours into the pouches of %familiarname%'s stillsuit.
    • If a familiar in your terrarium is wearing the stillsuit:
      •  %familiarname% breaks a bit of a sweat just watching you fight.
      • Somewhere, %familiarname% sweats a small amount.
      • You hear %familiarname% sweating a little bit in the distance.
      • You sense that %familiarname%, back at your campsite, has gotten slightly sweatier.
  • The Combat Initiative buzz effect was broken and not added in the first day after the release.
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    At the last moment, you decide to grab your tiny stillsuit in case you end up in a desert!
    Tiny stillsuit.gifYou acquire an item: tiny stillsuit
  • There is a [distill] link next to the stillsuit on your inventory's Equipment page (you need it to be equipped on the active familiar or unequipped to see it in the inventory):

If there are at least 10 drams of sweat:


You check the tiny little display on your familiar's tiny stillsuit. It looks like there are K drams of sweat in your familiar's stillsuit.

The readout suggests that the sweat will distill into a booze producing L adventures for 1 Drunkenness.
Additionally, it will result in a moderate buzz, yielding these benefits for M adventures:


If already Buzzed on Distillate:
Drinking this distillate will change your Buzz.

Drink the Distillate (1 Drunkenness)
I'll check back



Looks like there are K drams of sweat in your familiar's stillsuit. Come back after you have 10.

I'll check back

When clicking "Drink":

Tiny stillsuit.gif
You put your lips to the nozzle on your familiar's stillsuit and suck out the potent distillate.
AdventuresYou gain L Adventures.
Chinsweat.gifYou acquire an effect: Buzzed on Distillate
(duration: M Adventures)
You gain 1 Drunkenness.

If you're too drunk already:

You are too drunk to do that right now.

In a path where you can't drink:

You can't handle this booze.

How it works

  • 3 drams of sweat per fight are produced by an active familar, 1 dram by an inactive familiar.
  • Sweat is produced at the end of every combat, including wins, losses, and free runs.
  • Sweat isn't cleared by rollover but is reset on Ascension.
  • Stillsuit distillate is not a proper booze consumption, and doesn't get affected by The Ode to Booze or the mime army shotglass.
  • The duration of Buzzed on Distillate is floor(drams / 5) and caps at 100 turns.
  • The number of adventures is round(drams^0.4) with seemingly no cap:
Sweat, drams Adventures
10-22 3
23-42 4
43-70 5
71-107 6
108-154 7
155-210 8
211-278 9
279-357 10
358-448 11
449-553 12
554-671 13
672-802 14
1682-1906 20

Buzz effects

The effects of Buzzed on Distillate depend on the familiars that produced the sweat: every familiar adds some specific enchantments, the value of the enchantment grows with the amount of sweat produced by the familiar following an unknown formula. This needs spading, both regarding which familiars produce which enchantments and for the values formulas. There is a spreadsheet for enchantments.

Possible enchantments:

Every familiar can contribute to a certain set of enchantments, depending on its internal attributes (some of these attributes can be spaded via mumming trunk and Pokefam). It's random/unknown which of the possible enchantments will be chosen on every contribution, and it's possible that different familiars will contribute to the same enchantment with different speed. Enchantments increase by whole values of X and cap at X=11. The increase speed is not linear and has diminishing returns.

So far it looks like at least one Stat Per Fight is given by almost all familiars, Item Drops from Monsters is given by the majority of familiars, Weapon Damage, Combat Initiative and DR are frequent and elemental damage is rare unless it's Spooky. There are several familiars that contribute to only 2 enchantments (e.g. Gelatinous Cubeling with Mysticality Stats Per Fight and Item Drops from Monsters, Puck Man with Mysticality Stats Per Fight and Weapon Damage), while Exotic Parrot contributes to everything but Food Drops from Monsters.

When drinking distillate with Buzzed on Distillate already active the new effect replaces the existing effect but the new duration is added to the existing duration.


As the distribution seems to be random, the values may differ, especially at lower dram amounts.

35 drams of Pair of Stomping Boots sweat:

  • +50% Item Drops from Monsters
  • Damage Reduction: 9

300 drams of Slimeling sweat:

  • +7 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
  • +7 Moxie Stats Per Fight
  • +70% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +70% Food Drops from Monsters
  • +21 Sleaze Damage
  • +35 Damage to Sleaze Spells


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