Tiny slimy cyst

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tiny slimy cyst
tiny slimy cyst

Named after Tiny Tim's far, far less popular brother, this is a little bitty cyst of hard, chalky material with a thin coating of viscous slime on it. It must've formed around some foreign object -- I wonder what it is? Actually, since I'm an omniscient Narrator, I know what it is -- it's more correct to say that you wonder what it is.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: tiny slimy cysts)
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Item number: 4091
Description ID: 180051286
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Obtained From

The Slime Tube
Slime Hand

When Used

You wipe off the cyst and crack it open. Hey, a marble!
Marble1.gifYou acquire an item: green peawee marble
Marble2.gifYou acquire an item: brown crock marble
Marble3.gifYou acquire an item: red China marble
Marble4.gifYou acquire an item: lemonade marble
Marble5.gifYou acquire an item: bumblebee marble
Marble6.gifYou acquire an item: jet bennie marble
Marble7.gifYou acquire an item: beige clambroth marble
Marble8.gifYou acquire an item: steely marble
Marble9.gifYou acquire an item: beach ball marble
Marble10.gifYou acquire an item: black catseye marble
Marble11.gifYou acquire an item: big bumboozer marble


  • Marbles can be combined into other marbles.
  • The green peawee marble has approximately a 50% chance of dropping. The brown crock marble will drop approximately 25% of the time. The trend of halving probability appears to occur as you go down the list.


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