Tiny plastic sword

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tiny plastic sword
tiny plastic sword

This is a tiny plastic sword, like the ones they use to skewer pieces of fruit to put in elaborate cocktails.

It's also like the ones tiny plastic knights use to slay small plastic dragons.

(Fancy Cocktailcrafting ingredient)
Type: weapon (1-handed sword)
Damage: 1 - 2
Cannot be discarded

Moxie +1

(In-game plural: tiny plastic swords)
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Item number: 938
Description ID: 775545454
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Obtained From

cherry bomb
dirty martini
sangria del diablo
small Crimbo Pressie
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Raffle House


Basic Recipe

The tiny plastic sword was once a major element in cocktailcrafting for those lucky enough (or wealthy enough) to possess one. The TPS was originally obtained randomly from a small Crimbo Pressie (Crimbo 2004), but is now only found in the Mall of Loathing or the trade channel.

Note that TPS drinks no longer offer the best rate of adventures per drunkeness. They are outclassed by easily obtainable items like the bottle of sea wine. On average, a TPS drink will give you 4 adventures per drunk, but perfect ice cube drinks will give you 6.

The table below shows the basic recipe for constructing a tiny plastic sword (or TPS) drink. Note that the adventure/stat gains only apply to the booze drinks, not the mixer or tiny plastic sword.

Shaker.gif Basic Booze
3 Drunk
3 Adventures
0 Substat
Mixer (x2)
0 Drunk
4.5 Adventures
9 Substat
tiny plastic sword
3 Drunk
12 Adventures
0 Substat
Shaker.gif Mixed Drink
3 Drunk
7.5 Adventures
9 Substat
Skewered Mixer
3 Drunk
16.5 Adventures
9 Substat
Equals.gif Tiny Plastic Sword Drink
6 Drunk
24 Adventures
18 Substat

Complete Recipe

The table below shows the complete set of recipes that can be created using a tiny plastic sword.

Stat Basic Booze
3 Drunk
3 Adv
0 Stat
Shaker.gif Mixer Equals.gif Mixed Drink
3 Drunk
5-10 Adv
8-10 Stat
Shaker.gif Skewered Mixer Equals.gif TPS Drink
6 Drunk
22-26 Adv
16-20 Stat
Muscle bottle of rum lime grog skewered lime grogtini
bottle of tequila lime tequila with training wheels skewered lime bodyslam
Moxie bottle of gin jumbo olive dry martini skewered jumbo olive dirty martini
bottle of vodka jumbo olive dry vodka martini skewered jumbo olive vesper
Mysticality bottle of whiskey cherry old-fashioned skewered cherry cherry bomb
boxed wine cherry sangria skewered cherry sangria del diablo


  • This item is reusable. Once a TPS drink is consumed, the sword will return to the equipment inventory section of the drinker. The same applies to when a Spirit Hobo is given a TPS drink, as it will burp up the sword and return it to the player's inventory.
  • Contrary to popular rumor, they do not and will not break.
  • Despite being equipment, this item can't be pulverized.
  • Second prize in The Raffle House on January 12th and 13th of 2008.

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