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Tiny Plastic Series 1Cw, released incrementally December 21, 2006.


  • Obtained from a Spooky Advent Calendar.
  • The "Cw" stands for "Crimboween".
  • Cannot be zapped.
  • Technically, since you cannot get these figurines from any sort of doll house or Lucky Surprise Egg, there are no "uncommons"; nevertheless, each of these figurines are classified, in their item descriptions, as common (C) or uncommon (U).


1. Tpvampire.gif gift-wrapping vampire
2. Tpyuletroll.gif ancient yuletide troll
3. Tpskelrein.gif skeletal reindeer


4. Tppentagram.gif Crimboween pentagram
5. Tplinnea.gif Scream Queen

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