Tiny plastic Crimbo elf

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tiny plastic Crimbo elf
tiny plastic Crimbo elf

Plastic and meat, plastic and meat... everyone wishes for plastic and meat.

This is a tiny plastic Crimbo elf, waving a miniscule plastic pair of dental pliers. Tiny plastic yetis beware!

The bottom of the base reads "Series 1C, 1/5 (C)"

Type: accessory
Selling Price: 30 Meat.

+1 to Familiar Weight

(In-game plural: tiny plastic Crimbo elves)
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Item number: 1377
Description ID: 757679359
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Obtained From

doll house (sometimes)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo 2005
Advent Calendar


  • The description of this item is a play on the song "Silver And Gold," made famous from the 1964 stop-animation Christmas Special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and sung by folk singer Burl Ives, which starts out "Silver and gold, silver and gold, / Ev'ryone wishes for silver and gold."
  • Also, in the description, an elf with dental pliers is mentioned, which alludes to Hermey the Misfit Elf, from the same Christmas special. Hermey did not want to make toys like the other elves... he wanted to be a dentist!

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