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One of the most popular pastimes in the Kingdom is to collect tiny plastic figurines of your favorite characters and enemies. As of December 2013, there are 168 tiny plastic figurines (and 30 die-cast figurines) in 12 series. Collect them all!

There have been three main series of these figurines released so far:

There have been fifteen special Crimbo-themed series that were found in (Spooky) Advent Calendars:

There has been one special Five Faction-themed series released so far:

A series of figurines made of die-cast metal was also released:

Finally, a single figurine forms the entirety of the 007 Series, and can be obtained from the Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase:

The enchantments of all of the above series can be found here:

There also exists the tiny plastic sword, one of the 3 possible gifts from Crimbo 2004.

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