Lucky Crimbo tiki necklace

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lucky Crimbo tiki necklace
lucky Crimbo tiki necklace

This is a tiki doll on a leather string. It has a red-and-white Crimbo hat (somewhat hastily and shoddily) glued onto it, so it's all festive and holiday-like. This should bring you good luck everywhere, except while surfing.

Type: accessory
Cannot be discarded

Brings Good Luck!

(In-game plural: lucky Crimbo tiki necklaces)
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Item number: 2207
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Obtained From

tropical Crimbo pressie


  • Gives a ten-leaf clover during non-combat adventures approximately 2% of the time.
  • Wearing multiple necklaces improves your chances of finding a clover, but only a single ten-leaf clover is found at a time. This mechanic stacked with the former effects of The Marmot, prior to the moon sign's revamp in May 2011.
  • Wearing this item, while shoring at Tropical Paradise Island Getaway appends the following to the A Tubular Vacation adventure (the "X" is equal to the Mysteriousness gain for that adventure):
    Suddenly, your board gets caught in the undertow! You fall off and are sucked beneath the waves. In the water, you'd swear you saw an evil green glow coming from your tiki necklace. You surface and swim to shore, your heart pounding in your chest.
    You gain X/2 Muscleboundness.


  • This necklace will not bring you luck while surfing, much like the cursed tiki amulet that Greg Brady wore in the famous Brady Bunch Go Hawaiian episodes.


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