Tiki lighter

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Tiki lighter
Tiki lighter

Despite the name, this isn't a tool for lighting tikis on fire. It's a little tiki with a flip-top head (and very clean teeth, incidentally). When you pull back the head, flame issues from its neck cavity. What manner of man are you who can summon flame without flint or tinder?

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be discarded

+1 Stat(s) Per Fight

(In-game plural: Tiki lighters)
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Item number: 2210
Description ID: 132311575
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Obtained From

tropical Crimbo pressie


  • This item changes your stat distribution to 1 Beefiness : 1 Magicalness : 2 Sarcasm, giving the following message at the end of combat:
    You flick your Tiki lighter. You look very retro-hip and groovy.
  • Moxie classes already distribute stats towards Moxie, so using the lighter won't further influence the remaining stats gained from a fight.


  • The last sentence of the item description is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, from the scene with Tim the Enchanter, when king Arthur asks this question.
  • The fact that it has very clean teeth due to its flip-top head is a reference to Mr. Reach.

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