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Confirmation of when you get more items: do love levels between numbers evenly divisible by ten increase chances of more items?

Throw Party

Throw Party

Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: N/A
usable once per day

Sneaky Pete used to invite the entire studio audience up on stage for a big party. The producers hated it.

Throw a fun cocktail party with the Studio Audience!

Source: Sneaky Pete's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Sneaky Pete
Level: Lovable Rogue 3
Effect: Summons ingredients for Cocktailcrafting
When Used:
You throw a party, inviting the entire studio audience up on stage. A good time is had by all, and at the end of the night, you end up with a pretty sizable supply of leftover cocktail ingredients!


You throw a Pete party (which is way better than a pity party), inviting the whole studio audience to join you. Afterward, you find some still-serviceable drink-making stuff among the plastic cups and dirty napkins.

Bottle.gif You acquire 2-8 basic mixers

Grapefruit.gifYou acquire 2-8 fruits
Coconut.gif You acquire 2-8 Advanced Cocktailcrafting garnishes


  • Number of items received scales with your audience love.
    • At any Hate or 'Bored', you appear to receive 2-3 of each item.
    • At 10 Love, you appear to receive 3-4 of each item
    • At 20 Love, you appear to receive 4-5 of each item
    • At 30 Love, you appear to receive 5-6 of each item
    • At 40 Love, you appear to receive 6-7 of each item
    • At 50 Love, you appear to receive 7-8 of each item
    • Between numbers divisible by 10, you appear to receive a number of items between the lower bound of the smaller Love level and the upper bound of the larger Love level. Thus, between 20 and 30 love, you will receive 4-6 of each item. (It is unclear whether you have a better chance of receiving more items the higher the Love level is.)
  • The items summoned come from 3 different pools which consist of the following possible summons:

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