Through the Locking Glass

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Through the Locking Glass
Through the Locking Glass

You are overcome by a strange urge. I mean, you're a teenager, so strange urges are par for the course, but this one... this one is really strange.

You dart into a rarely-used side hallway and open a locker at random. You see the inside of a typical locker, though its contents are a little off. The jacket hanging from the hook on top is a different style than you've ever seen. The only textbook you can make out the title of just says "Grology," which you don't know much about.

Strangest of all is what happens next. The back side of the locker abruptly opens, and through it you see the hallway of... another high school? Lit by weird, humming off-white globes on the ceiling, its walls painted a variant of "institutional yellow" you've never seen before, and filled with the hustle and bustle of strangely-dressed students chattering in a familiar but unknown language.

The owner of the other side of the locker is too busy talking to his friends, and doesn't notice you. He grabs the Grology book, tosses a folder in, and slams the locker closed. You pick up the folder to get a closer look as the bell rings and the halls begin to empty.

Folder1.gifYou acquire an item: folder (KOLHS)

Occurs at The Hallowed Halls, semi-rarely, but only with the over-the-shoulder Folder Holder equipped.